All Physical Matter is a Result of Frequency


schmidtWE TRANSMIT OUR REALITY (our thoughts and behaviors). We are each running self-contain programs within our operating systems. We are consciousness conductors — and we are expanding. However, our systems are being hacked and hijacked through the information (the matrix) we receive daily here on the Planet. We are being used, manipulated and modulated to create a reality that serves a falsity.

We can make a difference if we pay attention, identify and take responsibility.

Are you really awake?

As a truth seeker, we sometimes look to others for healings. In my early years of awakening, I certainly did. Today, I have discovered that healings can occur that are not inwardly sustained. The healer has made an agreement on some level — to work with dark forces that include the siphoning of (others’) light while facilitating a personal healing. I must say that I feel this is unknown to healers — that they are being used.

The smoke and mirror effect.

The Twilight Master is smiling and beautiful, however you will sense when something is off. Something will not seem right. Although the pattern may be obvious, one may not see the forest through the trees. Things aren’t always as they appear. Do not dismiss subtle feelings of uneasiness or confusion. This is evidence of interference and corruption. Is there a dominating ego? Avoidance? Emotional abuse? Question what is hidden behind elitism or an exclusive connection to God/angels and with those who channel masters or guides.

White magic and black magic are the same technology. What sets dark and light apart is how it’s intentionally used. When teaching or promotion is entangled with personal agenda and manipulation, dark forces are at work behind the scenes — whether the beings involved are aware of what is really taking place or not. The influences that lead into falsity in service to the ego, through fame and attention, are attention funneling and diverting direct communication with God.

See and recognize the Twilight Master of self and others.

Attuning to GOD/Source Connection to protect and clear is extremely important. Remember, the day of the guru is over. Self-reliance in that you are GOD and know your connection to source is solid and strong. Energetic Mastery.

There is a spiritual anatomy that is beneficial to look at: levels and layers that include dimensions/timelines. Through the Harmonic Triads and levels of bodies within consist of a complexity of healing, releasing and reconnections. AS our bodies evolve and we encrypt code that reveals hidden history, we also become beacons on a radar that attract negative forces with an agenda in opposition to our direct communication links /connection with God/Source.

This is crucial time of expansion that we must break through with no fear — moving beyond mind control, explosive situations and major life changes. During this point of my life, I was diagnosed with cancer — and had I had the expanded brainpower as I do now, a disease would not have had a chance to manifest in my energy field. The good news is that frequencies are here to support those of us who choose to be free, and are firmly in place. There is no right or wrong way; experience is our education. I am glad to say, I’ve learned to value my experiences, as I move forward.

God technology is divine inheritance, and with this knowledge and integration of this energy comes great responsibility. As we look and feel into our inner core, we recognize 100 percent pure truth. It is no worry that we are all at different stages of our Spiritual (Energetic) Evolution. Again, there is no wrong way.

However, there is ignorance. The dark force is not going to disappear any time soon. My understanding of 5D Ascension has brought me the explanation of why. The 5D Ascension timeline is obsolete. We are the Sovereign God Made Manifest. In other words, we are bringing the energy into our being and body, not moving up into the energy. As we permeate upgrades of frequency to Organic Ascension Models, we become Energetic Masters.

As you read this, you may know that we are facilitators (not teachers or gurus) to guide others to support new frequencies and the changes that are occurring. The false support system is being withdrawn. Interventions outside the Universal Time Matrix through direct source light contact are available to those that are open and devoted to receive this new wave of energetic support.

This is to understand Polarity Integration through Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star Matrix. The Energy of the Krystal Star (Christos) was not anchored down until January 2013. We have all heard and have anticipated this great shift; it has been referred to in numerous ways, maybe most familiar when it has been called the galactic shift of 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan calendar.

It is significant to realize that through eons of time humans on this planet have been modified as a hybrid by negative forces — with technology beyond our comprehension. The purpose of this manipulation was and is to feed their domination and agendas around their hierarchy (including the shadow government) from living beings on planet earth and beyond. When we hear about staying out of fear (all lower vibrations) understand that as we become in balance and harmony, we source from within, coming back to Unity, as opposed to feeding into their reversal networks.

What else that has not been realized predominately is this: How does stress and sickness derived from our mind thoughts affect our soul? This is a partial cause of soul fragmentation. As soul becomes more and more fragmented, this leads to a possible dire point of no return. The soul and seed atom are shattered and sucked into a phantom system. Daily spiritual work is imperative. Connect. Protect and Clear. As more of us understand this concept, we become activated and help to activate each other and the planet.

What is activation? Our human bodies are merging and manifesting the Krystal Star (Christos Consciousness) coming into Unity Source Code. This can be explained as holding trinity wave formats that connect directly into GOD — The Eternal Source Light.

As we move from bi-wave to tri-wave systems, the new frequencies permeate into our auric field and lightbody — neurological sequences ignite the working of these new frequencies. To heal the planet is to embody the new architecture and anchor it down in our proximate locations. A base pulse rhythm creates a circumference safe zone. The more of us that do this, the more safe zones we will have on the planet. The Christos Template (12D Krystal star energy) shall be embodied as we continue to build this energy on the planet.

When we open our minds to the microcosm and macrocosm of planetary, human and all of universal creation, we are expanding into an infinite realm of restoration. As we take action. As we ask questions. As we seek the truth and understand what is possible, we create clearer and clearer connections with GOD.

Let’s integrate our cosmic self and step up to the plate of spiritual responsibility. Let’s pay attention to what is going on around us. Can we make the needed changes, similar to changes such as eating whole foods and physical exercise? Let’s grow spiritually (energetically) when we continue or establish a daily practice. See truth, Feel truth, know truth, be truth. Be Free.

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