There is no Progress to be made by Celebrating our Differences


An excerpt from the new book Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life

THIS PENCHANT FOR human beings to discover how unalike they are, how distinct they are — it all has to do with ego. We have now managed to “create” how different we all are. And in that difference comes disharmony.

Where we need to put the energy now is in how similar we are, how much we all have that is similar that can be shared. How alike we all are, in terms of joy and pain and suffering and elation. And we need to share that information now.

There is no progress to be made by celebrating our differences. We’ve done that.

We are now in a state of critical mass. We are so isolated, with our various distinct individualities, that we can wreak havoc on someone else and hope or think that we gain from it. I’m talking about terrorism; I’m talking about hate crimes…anything of that ilk. That somehow if we are able to eliminate a reflection of ourselves, we are going to become more whole. It’s a very twisted viewpoint.

So that’s what we need to recognize, that we are all, in an umbilical sense, connected to the same force. Like reconnecting strings. Because we’ve lost that connection, that understanding that each individual’s greatness is relied upon by the other person’s greatness, by recognizing their greatness, not their inability. What this simply comes down to is to recognize that every creature has greatness inherent in them. And the suffering of one is the suffering of all mankind.

There is a way for everyone to be joyful and not to be dependent upon what I refer to as relative happiness. That happiness has to do with whether or not you have more or less than another individual in terms of material goods, attractiveness, or all those strata that have been created. It’s a very destructive energy, relative happiness. The absolute happiness that comes from within, that’s eternal. It isn’t at the expense of everyone else. When people allow themselves to re-experience that, they recognize the joy that’s in all.

In many people’s illusion, prosperity is what’s going to allow them to finance happiness somewhere. That’s what prosperity means to them. “Now I can be happy, because now I can buy the house that’s going to bring me happiness.” I know many lonely people with very big houses.

Let’s instead talk about experiencing joy. We were put on this planet to experience joy. To understand the beauty, the depth, the excitement of the life experience. To thoroughly embody it, to become joyful in it, and by doing so, become compassionate with other people. Bottom line.

The trouble is that we’re looking in the wrong places for what we think is joy, and we’ve bought into other concepts in which we think joy is experienced. Or we distrust the joy we’re experiencing as not being valid and not being of social worth. So the bottom line here is: joy is something that exists, can happen within you, and can be a part of the light in every second of your being if you choose to live that way. And when you experience it, everything else will be taken care of. You do not have to worry.

You must allow yourself to trust your life force and not second-guess it. Trust your instinct. It is a sum total of your entire existence. It is a vast library of information. We blind ourselves to it when we shut down our access to our library. It’s incorporating all of that existence, all that work, into this single moment in time. And breathing through it and allowing that to funnel through to create the kind of force that will alter existence…that will change lives.

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Dr. Eric Pearl has become the preeminent authority and acknowledged visionary on a new level of healing and life evolution on this planet, and has committed himself to sharing the light and information of the Reconnective Healing process through extensive lectures and seminars about The Reconnection ( Dr. Pearl has appeared on countless television programs in the U.S. and around the world including The Dr. Oz Show and CNN. He has spoken by invitation at the United Nations and presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden. Frederick Ponzlov ( is a screenwriter, acting teacher for the past 30 years, and award-winning actor. His first screenplay, Undertaking Betty, starring Naomi Watts, Christopher Walken, Brenda Blethyn and Alfred Molina, won a BAFTA Award. Solomon has been with him for many years, and after years of silence, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life marks his public debut.


  1. You stated: “So that’s what we need to recognize, that we are all, in an umbilical sense, connected to the same force. Like reconnecting strings. Because we’ve lost that connection,”

    The reality is…..the connection has ALWAYS BEEN THERE!! Lost sight of it! Lost in the experience! Lost in a multitude of ways Yes! But the connections have always and will always be present. Acknowledging the connections is like revitalizing and rejuvenating them to come alive. Just because a connection is dormant, does not mean it is lost! If you tell someone it is lost, they will often not understand how to find it or how they can reconnect to it. But if you tell them it is dormant, and it is for each one to revitalize and re-energize the connection, it is far less daunting and confusing and seems more feasible!!

    This is what I AM Aware is so!
    Just Me


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