Chinese Medicine and the Art of Holism


acupuncture2WHAT I DEEPLY appreciate about Chinese medicine is its basis in holism. I see its emphasis on wellness. I have not personally experienced acupuncture. Thankfully, I haven’t needed that kind of intervention. I know people who have experienced acupuncture and they have greatly benefited from the relief of intense agony and pain.

What I appreciate about acupuncture — and acupressure, which I have experienced many times — is its focus on balancing the energy centers of our body. Balance is central to wellness. The lack of balance is central to illness. This is what I see as the genius of Chinese medicine: understanding that as we balance the energy centers, we open the way for the wellness that is already and always within. Wellness is our nature!

What I further appreciate is the emphasis on herbal remedies, the natural herbs that can be easily assimilated by our bodies, rather than the synthetic chemical “remedies” of Western medicine that have too many side effects. I’m so sincerely grateful that I’m so healthy none of that is necessary.

What I also appreciate is the art of feng shui. I consider this art form a medicine to our soul. I am very energy sensitive. I can so feel the difference in order and disorder.

I had a fascinating energy awakening recently as I was moving through my house, from room to room. I could feel the difference anew in the rooms that were clear and beautiful and the spaces that were clearer but still a little cluttered. I stood still in the energy so I could feel and appreciate the differences. I could feel the naturalness of clarity and order.

As I was sitting with this feeling of clarity and order, I pictured the practice of t’ai chi. I could so feel the flow of the energy of t’ai chi, the art and order of this practice. My body is a house, too. I value the clarity and order in my body. I am intentionally bringing a new sense of art and order and clarity to my other physical house, my home.

I love my life. I love the understanding I have. I love the principle of holism. It is the very essence of vitality and wellness. Thank you, life.

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Cathy Combs
Cathy Combs is a freelance writer and workshop architect specializing in personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. She lives in Kansas City, MO.


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