Intuitive Inner Sight for the Outer World


abstract_blue_swirlsOKAY, LET’S GET one thing straight immediately: For most people, it is not about receiving it or how to receive intuitive insight. The bigger issue is about not ignoring it, dismissing it or doubting it! Intuition is defined as an instinctive belief, something known or believed instinctively, without actual evidence for it. It’s being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it.

In a world of proof and the need for evidence to prove something for acceptance, many people are uncomfortable with trusting their own, inner sight. Get out of your own way, my friends! Too many people are stopping the flow, because they cannot prove what they become aware of within their intuitive inner sight. When they receive it, they often choose to not trust it, because…well, what if they are wrong? Well, what if you are right! Years ago, I learned that when I ignore the inner awareness of inner sight, I suffer the consequences by ignoring it.

For me, inner sight often has an inner energy that comes with it, energy that resonates at the core of my Self. But it took me a while to recognize that. In reality, it was my inner-connected Self gently aligned with the Universe!

I tell just about everyone I work with that intuitive insight and awareness is fast and essentially instantaneous. Faster than lightning or the speed of light! It often arrives so quickly that a person often immediately dismisses the thought or awareness. Don’t!

By dismissing your intuitive awareness and insight, you are getting in the way of yourself. Get out of your way! No doubt! Trust it! Share it! What another does with your shared insight is their choice. What you do with it is your choice! As for me, I trust it explicitly.

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