Transforming Inner Stress: An Interview with Samuel Welsh


A POTENTIAL PARADIGM shift in the resolution of inner stress has been introduced by transformational pioneer Samuel Welsh, author of the new book, Transforming Inner Stress: The Polarity Resolution Process. For veterans of the metaphysical community in the Twin Cities, Welsh is known for introducing energy attunements to support inner growth and planetary balance, as well as his collaboration with musician Richard Shulman on Ascension Harmonics. He also is the author of Creating Sacred Spaces for Communities and the Multilevel Balancing Process.

Welsh, of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is returning to the Twin Cities in August to teach the Polarity Resolution Process and offer spiritual energy attunements that he has channeled from St. Germain.

Polarity Resolution Process (PRP) is a healing technique that foregoes verbal dialogue and traditional therapeutic techniques by inviting the Higher Self to resolve inner conflict that creates stress, disease and resistance to manifesting our goals.

Welsh_Book“The book is really my first attempt to get the information out there,” Welsh said in a telephone interview with The Edge. “I’m not sure that the majority of psychotherapists would be open to it yet. There has to be a whole paradigm shift in which therapists realize that they don’t need to be in control, that the Higher Self of the client can resolve the issues — and that paradigm shift hasn’t happened yet.

“My paradigm is that we could live for a very long time, hundreds of years, but what happens is we impose emotional and mental charges in our energy bodies and they slow down our rejuvenation process and increase aging and stuff.”

What is your understanding of the root cause of inner stress?
Samuel Welsh:
The way I define it is that humans create what I call a polarity conflict structure. They have two opposing belief systems that are antagonistic to each other and two emotional charges — and they hold on to these simultaneously. What happens is an oscillation back and forth between those polarities. That is what we feel as stress.

Let me share an example from the book. Alice is working in a job she can’t stand, but she feels she has to stay there to make money, and so she is oscillating back and forth between one polarity, “I need to stay,” and the other, “I need to leave.”

Let’s say there is a guy in a marriage and the wife is nagging him and he wants to leave the marriage. One of the polarities is, “I need to leave.” But the couple has three kids and he feels he needs to stay for them. So, he has these two polarities in effect: “I need to leave” and “I have to stay for the kids.”

I have a friend who essentially is a hermit. He likes to be alone and he likes to meditate and so on. He’s on Social Security, which means he is bringing in very little money. As a result, he has all these money issues about a lack of funds. But the way you make funds is by going out into the world and interacting with people and selling widgets or whatever. He does not want to do that, so he has one polarity that is “I need to make money” and another that is “I don’t want to go out into the world to make money.” So, he has those two poles and they are oscillating.

How does that affect the body?
Stress, this oscillation between poles, cascades down from our mental/emotional body to our etheric body, to our physical body. Stress is a state of disorder or chaos. The body actually thrives on order and coherency, and it needs order and coherency for it to rejuvenate and regenerate and grow. So if you are introducing chaos through stress, you are breaking up that coherence and ordered state. Chronic disease can result if you are holding onto a polarity conflict structure for years. It begins to disrupt the body blueprints — the ability of the body to heal and rejuvenate itself — and can actually create a degradation of organs and tissues.

What ultimately creates that polarity structure? The emotions? The mind? Our beliefs? Emotions? Fear?
I think it first begins with our thoughts. For example, if I feel like I’m being judged, then that might engender anger in me at the person judging me. If I think that I am powerless, then that might engender a sense of grief within me. So it begins with a thought and then engenders an emotion. Then those two become intertwined.

People can hold these negative thoughts and negative emotions and bind them together as a structure and they are introduced into their body, in their chakras (energy centers), in their meridians, in their organs and so on.

Popular culture seems to support this whole scenario, the polarity structure.
Yes, it does. You see it in soap opera dramas and everywhere there is conflict. In fact, people would not go to movies if there was not conflict. If it was a feel-good movie with just a lot of great exaltation and no conflict, the movie probably would not sell.

The other thing, Tim, is that our two brain hemispheres, left and right, view the world differently. I think we’re wired to create duality. Our left brain looks at the world in fragments and pieces and makes judgments, and our right brain looks at gestalt, the totality, the greater whole. So, I think we’re kind of wired to create duality, polarity and conflict structures. It is set up that way in our body.
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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


  1. Thank you for this excellent and very timely discussion. Many people today feel the desire to move forward, but are waiting for some sense of certainty or “assurance” about the course to take. But, as you suggest, we must often take a first step (and probably a second or third step), before we begin to feel that support and clearer direction for our path. And not coincidentally, with our first step, that cloud of powerlessness immediately begins to lift, and our forward momentum returns to us.


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