When Springtime Comes


meditate-by-waterFOR EONS OUR soul has been covered with layers of forgetfulness. In the beginning, the soul was one with God. But for lifetimes it has been cycling through the wheel of 84. In the panorama of life, the soul has identified itself with the mind and body. It has forgotten itself. It passes through life after life in the darkness of the world, oblivious to the brilliant sunlight that awaits it in the higher planes.

It is only when an enlightened being comes in our midst that the snow and ice are thawed and the springtime of realization blooms. The bearer of the message of spring is the spiritual adept. He can awaken the sleeping soul from its long hibernation. He gives new life to the soul by arousing it from its slumber. He takes the soul into a world of sweet fragrant blossoms, where there is nothing but joy and happiness.

Springtime will come when our soul realizes itself. An adept can help us identify with the soul within us. Through the process of meditation, we can discover our real self.

Meditation, according to those studying the science of spirituality, is the process by which we withdraw our attention, or soul, from the world outside and from our body and concentrate it at a point between and behind the two eyebrows. By focusing our attention there, we come in contact with a current of Light and Sound, which will lead us from our physical consciousness into higher consciousness, into the Beyond.

There we will find eternal spring. There is always brilliant Light and the warmth of love. Our hearts are always in a perpetual state of wonderment. Just as lovers delight in being together in the flower gardens and the parks, with flowing fountains and rippling streams, so does the soul delight in being with its Beloved in the land of perpetual springtime. The soul is in ecstasy to be reunited with its Beloved Lord. There they live forever in a realm of immeasurable bliss and peace. We reach a state in which the air is dancing in jubilation.

This is the great happiness that awaits us when the divine Cupbearer comes with the message of spring.

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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is internationally recognized for his work toward promoting inner and outer peace through spirituality. Among his many" awards and tributes" are five honorary doctorates in recognition of his tireless efforts. Born in India and educated as a scientist, he has a keen understanding of both mysticism and science. His books and articles are available in 50 languages; his talks go out to the world via radio, television, and live internet broadcasts. His latest books include: Meditation as Medication for the Soul, Spark of the Divine, Spiritual Pearls for Enlightened Living; Silken Thread of the Divine; Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation, and Empowering Your Soul through Meditation.


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