A New Day

sunset2Have I
Experienced Enough
Harsh Words and rejection
To appreciate kindness and acceptance?
Enough Hate to Know Love
Can I Trade Coldness for Warmth
Enough loneliness to appreciate companionship
Enough falseness to see truth?
My Pain is now Grace
Weakness is Strength

Have I
Experienced enough
Lacking and boredom
To appreciate adventure and excitement?
Enough Burdens to appreciate Freedom
Can I Trade Poverty for richness
Enough Emptiness for fulfillment
Enough Confusion to see Clearly?
My Misery is now joy
Hunger now Satisfied

Have I
Experienced enough
To Get it Right?
Enough Death to Know Life
Enough Regrets to Live in the Present
Can I Let Go to Receive
Turn Fear to Courage
Trade Noise for Silence
My Silence is now heard
My Blindness is sight
Enough Sleep, I’m Awake
Where there was Darkness I now see the Light.

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Melissa is a Reiki Master Teacher, Level 2 QiGong, Reconnective Healer and studies, teaches, and practices other healing modalities. Melissa's 40-acre ranch located on the outskirts of Becker, MN, provides confidence and healing to people through horses, dogs, and nature. In 2012, Melissa founded Nature's Divine, a Health and Wellness Center for Pets N their People, focusing on natural, organic, safe products and therapies, as well as some fun art and jewelry. A Minnesota licensed attorney turned healer, she still provides pet-friendly estate planning, and other legal services.


  1. Hi, Melissa. Talked to you on the phone earlier today about Living Waters connection and meeting up with you at the Pow Wow on Sat.
    Wow! What a great website you have. Glad I checked it out. Seeing your photo made me think I may have seen you probably at the Waters. Anyhow, hopefully we can rendezvous on Saturday, and also my girlfriend, Irene and I booked a hospitality suite nearby the Pow Wow site for unwinding after the event. Hope to see you soon.


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