Living your Past Lives: Karl Schlotterbeck events

RENOWNED PSYCHOLOGIST AND author Karl Schlotterbeck will present a seminar entitled, “Living Your Past Lives,” offer private past-life regression therapy sessions and conduct “The End of Karma” workshop in August at Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center in Rochester, MN.

Schlotterbeck is a licensed psychologist who has spent his career in exploration of the human psyche, including depth psychology, parapsychology, biofeedback, hypnosis, along with teachings from Shamans, Sufis, Swamis, Rosicrucians and Native American spiritual teachers. He is the author of Living Your Past Lives: The Psychologist of Past-Life Regression, The Karma in Your Relationships, and co-author of Lion of Satan, Lion of God. Additionally, he has provided psychological services in school systems in Maryland and Minnesota for the past 40 years.

“Living Your Past Lives” seminar — Tuesday, Aug. 6, 6:45-9 p.m. — Discover where you are living out your karma in everyday life, what created the karma, what holds it in place, where it lives inside of you, and the one thing it asks of us. Prenatal conditioning and the “karmic network” that we build around us also will be discussed.

Private Regression Sessions — August 7-9 — In an individual session, the client and the practitioner focus on the pattern most active in the client’s life which is then explored in an attempt to complete what is unfinished. Sessions take approximately two hours.

“The End of Karma” workshop — Sunday, Aug 11, Noon-6 p.m. — In this six-hour workshop, Schlotterbeck will expand on the ideas presented in “Living Your Past Lives” and how to apply them. Special emphasis will be given to how experience creates either karma or growth, the evolution of the concept of karma from reward-and-punishment through its stages to that of consciousness, and to the Karmic Network. Participants will work through the process as a group in a way parallel to individual sessions. Participants will gain an expanded view of karma and the first steps toward becoming more present in their lives.

Seating is limited so pre-registration is required. Visit or call Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center at 507.281.6649.



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