The New Dawning: An Interview with Christine Day



Christine Day, Pleiadian Ambassador
Bridging the gap between our Human and Divine Selves

THE INTRODUCTION OF spiritual teacher, healer and channeler Christine Day’s new book, Pleiadian Principles for Living, offers this directly from the galactic community known as the Pleiadians:

“There is a great power birthing and rising in your world, opening for you a new perception that is taking you in a new direction…. We are here to assist you in bringing information so that you gain a deeper understanding of the process that is taking place on your earth plane…. As you awaken you will assist in a continual birthing process on your earth plane by holding energetic spaces, creating energetic grids, and helping anchor new light frequencies onto the earth plane…. Your world within planet Earth is moving back into alignment with the rest of the Universe. This is like a curtain lifting on a stage, revealing an entirely new panorama…. This expanded communion will be beyond anything that you can imagine with your ego mind. It will be a communion through the heart and will bring a birthing of a simple and powerful joy that will transform all cells within your being.”

In her new book, the basis of which will set the stage for a three-day Pleiadian seminar in October in Minneapolis, Christine Day tells us that the Earth and its inhabitants are undergoing a transformational shift from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth, a shift from an ego-driven existence to one that is innately intuitive and driven from the heart.

In a recent telephone interview, Christine Day says the collective energy of the earthly realm is going through a “very deep birthing process,” a metamorphosis that includes the anchoring of a new crystalline structure in the human body that will reactivate our telepathic abilities and allow us to become beings of light.

“You almost might see it like a new sunrise,” she says, “a new essence of life coming onto the Earth plane and also coming through the soul.”

For those who are not conscious of change taking place within themselves, what might some inner or outward evidence be that things are no longer the way they were?
Christine Day: Because of the crystalline structure that is activated through the cells of their body — and they did come in to every human being on this Earth plane — there are certain physiological changes happening in the physical body, and a lot of them.

One of the areas the crystalline structure went into was the thyroid, so people may be experiencing some what was presenting as thyroid problems, confusion, kind of feeling like they can’t think straight, wondering if there is anything wrong with them. The fact is, we are being realigned into a fourth- and fifth-dimensional setting and the crystalline structure within us is aligning us and supporting us in that alignment. That’s what is creating these feelings, these physiological changes in the body, feeling confused, just somehow not being able to quite be as on as they were in the third-dimensional setting, which is kind of melting away.

Some of the crystalline structures actually anchored in the brain and are opening the telepathic center. Some people aren’t aware they’re experiencing this disorientation and confusion…so there can be a lot of anxiety being produced through that at this time.

Are the people who experience your initiations and activations and the work that you do showing the way and helping to make the whole process easier for the people who don’t?
CD: Absolutely, and that’s how it’s been designed. That is part of the grand plan. There are a number of us who have made pre-agreements before we came onto this Earth place to act as the wayshowers, to go on to this accelerated awakening path and move much more quickly into that fourth- and fifth-dimensional alignment before the rest of the population does. Those that forge the path make it easier for those who are following, that’s true, but it’s not only that. It is also to support and stabilize the dimensional settings that are coming onto the physical Earth plane.

Pleiadian-Principles-LivingYour new book, Pleiadian Principles for Living, seems like it’s asking us as individual selves to make a commitment, to make a conscious choice. What are we being asked to choose?
CD: We are being asked to choose what we pre-agreed to do at this time, to choose our mission that we pre-agreed to complete at this time. This is the time to move into our pre-agreement missions, to align to those energies and play our part, because that’s what we said we would do.

So the book is putting that call out and reminding those people. Even if you have forgotten what the actual pre-agreement was, what the mission was, it doesn’t matter. It’s about claiming that conscious choice and just calling forth the activation of the pre-agreement alliances that you have made for these energies to come now to support you in completing your mission and playing your full role. This is about each one of us fulfilling what we chose to do and fulfilling part of our destiny. So, this is very much a reminder for people to come and reconnect.

What I like about this process is that there are 27 audio files attached to the book for people to start working with the processes that bring them into realignment to their mission, to remembering. It is an incredible book of support and empowerment. It’s amazing!
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