The New Dawning: An Interview with Christine Day


In the introduction of your book you call the series of initiations that are being offered a natural realignment with your self. Why is a realignment important right now?
CD: We came here to have a human experience on this Earth plane, and we need to continue that, our human experience. Right now we’re being called also to change the relationship we have with our self, and that means to bring ourselves into a new alignment of the sacred relationship to our humanness, to honor that part of our human self. By honoring that, we become even more powerful as human beings on this Earth plane.

You see, it’s not about getting rid of our humanness. It’s more to realign, to come into alignment with the human element of our selves. In our human self, we can take a conscious step forward and become even more powerful and more potent here on this Earth plane.

The Pleiadians say that our potency as humans can grow as we consciously come back into that alignment of love and compassion for ourselves, to understand that imperfection of being human. Through that understanding of our human vulnerability, we resurrect ourselves to a new level within our human aspect, and we bridge the gap between our humanness and our Divine Selves. The Pleiadians say that as we bridge that gap between the human aspect and the beauty of our full selves, then the work we do here becomes much more vibrant, much more worthwhile. It actually makes a huge difference on our planet.

Now, the Pleiadians, and all the other spiritual beings, can come and do things here, but when we do it ourselves through conscious choice, through the awakening of our humanness and remembering, it becomes a much more powerful force. That’s why the book is here now, to bridge the gap between our human relationship to ourselves and the light of ourselves.

I just finished redesigning the website for our magazine, and in the process I’m finding that new design in the internet and the digital realm is seeking to become more fluid. Perhaps this realignment of ourselves, by bridging the gap with our human and Divine selves, is going through this same process. It will become more fluid, more telepathic, more intuitive. Is that the way you see it?
CD: It’s absolutely that. These energies are where the rest of the universe has been operating from, and now these living principles — elements of truth and awakening, of remembering — are coming into the Earth plane because the veil has lifted. We have been given an element of the essence of these living principles that is going to accelerate the bridging of this gap, which is creating the fluidity.

It’s melting away that really tight, hard edge of third-dimensional illusion and the fear and struggle, and it’s opening up to what the Pleiadians very often refer to as the New Dawning. It’s bringing in these shafts of light onto the Earth plane for us to remember and suddenly just know that we are a part of something much greater than this very constrained third-dimensional reality that we’ve been living in. It allows us to realign to the energetic alliances that are here for us to help us in this transition time.

You see, we’re not supposed to do this transition alone. Each one of us has an energetic team that is here to take us and help us move forward, to align us to a mission, to help us in our destiny calls. So, we need to reach out and open to this energetic team and the living principle of energy that is creating this essence, an essence of love, to assist us in evolving at a very fast rate.

Are these energetic teams different for each person?
CD: Absolutely they are, and we individually chose those teams before we came onto this Earth plane. We chose the ones we thought would support us the most. Some are galactic energies, some are of the spiritual realms, some are the Pleiadians, and some are Lemurians, and there could be elements of each one within your team. When you activate that and give permission for them to come forth and begin to work with you, some people might say, “Well, gosh, how do I know who is going to come?” They will be the ones that will support you the most and the ones to whom you feel most aligned.

The activations presented in the book Pleiadian Principles for Living utilize sound, thought, movement, and symbols or codes. Can you kind of describe what people will go through when they go through the book and work on these activations?
CD: There are many different ones in this book. We have what we call code forms, sacred designs that you bring your consciousness to and begin to transmit the sacred sound. Through these, you begin to receive a level of awakening codes that responds to your unique frequency of sound. These awakened codes are within you and allow you to begin to remember, to begin to align. The cells of the body begin to go through a rejuvenation or regeneration process so the body is better able to hold higher frequencies of your own light, so you begin to be able to carry more of that frequency.

We also work with the crop circles and the sacred matrix energy. When you go into the crop circles and align to the matrix, it actually transmits and opens up a level of your own personal blueprint energy. That allows you to be able to access information and knowledge that you need now in this lifetime for your own awakening process.

And then we have the activations of the crystalline structure and the telepathic center. This was given a really big focus in the book, because we need to return back to telepathic communion to be able to respond and communicate with the rest of the universe. That is how the rest of the universe aligns and communicates. There is a very strong energy in the book to activate first the crystalline structure in the brain, and then teach you, step-by-step, how to communicate telepathically with the galactic energies and the Pleiadians and the spiritual realms.

And then we have the connection to the natural forces of the Earth. The Earth energy has changed. Its role is changing along with ours, since it’s here to support us in the integration of our transformation of this light and the crystalline structure. Part of the book explains how to commune naturally with the natural forces and open up that sacred communion using sacred hand positions, mudras. They open up dimensional settings and allow you to start aligning and communicating with the natural forces of the Earth and really harness that energy and utilize it for integration, for communication, and communion with the spiritual energies, with the essence of the natural forces.

This is part of our enlightenment process, too. It’s about ending the separation with the natural forces and forming an alliance with them as part of our enlightenment process.

So with the information in this book, the Pleiadians have created these incredible opportunities for us to move extremely fast into realigning back to our selves through all these methods. It’s an exceptional handbook that assists us in navigating through the changing times. It helps us to understand what’s taking place, that we have pre-agreed to be here at this time and the importance of each one of us who are ready to stand up and take our place and walk forward. All of the tools are given to us, and they’re sacred tools.
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