The New Dawning: An Interview with Christine Day


Is there a prerequisite to going through this activation process in the book, and how much time is recommended between the activations?
CD: It’s an individual process, I would say. Some people are ready to move very fast through the book. Feel out how you are working with the energies, chapter by chapter. You may need to spend a lot of time on one chapter and not much time on another one, but it is essential that you listen to what you need personally.

The actual initiations are multidimensional in form. There are an unlimited number of unfoldings or veils that can be lifted for you in each chapter, but some chapters may be more valid for you than others. For some people, I have recommended that they work with the first book — Pleiadian Initiations of Light — before this second book. If you’re just starting out on the spiritual path, it may be very good to go to the first book and do the initiations of the first book and then move into the second.

But, you know what? It’s an individual process. It’s about soul readiness really. Some people may be just coming to it now, but their soul is so ready for this second book they’ll move right into it and have absolutely no problems at all. But, if you find that the intensity of the initiations are too much, it may be very beneficial to just start with the first book and prepare the self and the body to be able to integrate the higher levels of initiation that are in that second book.

What is the command energy spoken of in the book?
CD: Through the sacred sound, we begin to evoke force, our own personal power, and anchor it through the cells of our body and align. When you start to do that, it is as though you start to feel a peace, a personal power, and you start to connect to the element of your Divine light that holds the pure connection and the force of self. Once you start to build a core of this command energy through you, you’re aligned to an element or an essence of the aspect of yourself that feels powerful. You start to feel like your warrior energy is beginning to build through you, and it aligns you to your ability to be able to manifest, to reconnect to that essence of self. Every cell in your body begins a new level of alignment to the aspect of self, that Divine light, that strength, and that knowingness, and that truth.

In this process, the human aspect gets to witness itself as more powerful, not so vulnerable. You open to a level of self-realization and self-power and a strong anchoring of containment within yourself, as you align to the elements of the light that you are.

The command energy is something you build and grow with, and that leads you to work with the telepathic center. You begin to use that invocation of yourself in all elements of your life, where you are walking through the world in your day-to-day life, experiencing that power of yourself. This is incredibly supportive. It also helps with rejuvenation of the energy of the cells of the body for self-healing. It really brings you back into a place of truth, so that you are not feeling so vulnerable and so alone, but you start to have a sense of universal connection as you align to your command energy.

You write in your book on a number of occasions that this process brings us more into conscious awareness of our connection with the Collective Consciousness.
CD: That’s true. It realigns you back to your place within that Collective Consciousness. You begin to play an active role, because your essence of self is there. You can begin to utilize the power that you are, that connection of not being alone, that universal connection, so that you become a team player again.

The illusion of third-dimension humanness is that we are alone, that there is no support and we’re kind of blown by the wind of circumstance in this third-dimensional world. That is not a truth. So this process takes you out of that illusion and brings you right back into the direct experience of beauty and connection and power. It’s very potent and very quick. It’s amazing how quickly you begin to live that out. As you align to your place, the universe can work with you in your day-to-day living and really support you in what you have to do.
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