The New Dawning: An Interview with Christine Day


Some people on the spiritual path have a goal of enlightenment. What do the Pleiadians say that that truly means?
CD: Their meaning of that is that we recognize our humanness, we recognize the power of our human connection, and we realign and reestablish this different relationship with ourselves, with love and compassion and understanding. In our imperfection, we accept that imperfection and we bridge the gap between our humanness and our light, our own connection.

That is what we are here to achieve. That is our enlightenment to this lifetime. It’s about ending that separation within ourselves by accepting our imperfections and love and compassion for all that we are and what we have come to do on a human level. You only have to come into moments of that, and then it changes the cells in our body and we move very quickly into that enlightenment process.

In this third dimension, we think we have to be perfect in order to become enlightened. It’s actually quite the opposite. We have to accept that imperfection of our humanness and end that self-condemnation. I just love the information that the Pleiadians bring to really empower us back to a place of this ending of separation within ourselves.

Some channeled messages from others say that this conscious choice of humans to evolve in this way has never been done before on a planet and that it is a grand experiment that is on course to succeed. Is this how you view what’s going on?
CD: I absolutely do — and the Pleiadians say we are going to be successful. We are going to become enlightened in this lifetime. The mission is going to complete itself. We will come to a place of acceptance of ourselves and, at the same time, awaken to our light and live consciously on this Earth plane with the acceptance of our humanness by aligning to this consciousness of ourselves. I totally trust and know that — and the Pleiadians have been confirming that with me right at this moment as we speak. We are going to be successful in this lifetime, all of us. So, I find that incredibly exciting.

At one point, I didn’t know how that was going to be possible, especially with our limited physical bodies. But with the anchoring and activation of the new crystalline structure, our whole physical body is going through this incredible rejuvenation and we’re going to live for a very long time when this fully completes itself. So, to me, I just find it exciting and beautiful.

Do they give any kind of a guideline on how long this whole process will take to mature?
CD: They’re saying to me that for those of us who are on the spiritual path and are working consciously, within the next 10 years this process will be complete in those of us who are awake now, and then the rest will follow.

There is going to be a time when the third dimension actually will leave this planet. When that actually melts away, all of the human beings who already have that crystalline structure in place so that they can actually cope with that energy when it happens will go through a very rapid process of awakening. When the third dimension — that illusion that holds people in this place of not knowing — lifts, when that melts away, then they will virtually come into an understanding and self-resurrection in a very fast time.

It has taken those of us who are leading and making the way, forging the path, a lot longer, but that was also part of our pre-agreement, to have that long-term process of awakening. The ones who follow will move very fast through it, and then we will have a different community here on this Earth plane.

The Pleiadians say that those who are not willing to let go of power and control and violence will take their next step off the Earth plane — they will not stay here — and they will go to another place where they will continue to have their own experience within what they hold tight to right now, but that’s not the majority of people here. The majority of people are not into that power and control, and they will be here and we will live in a very different state of consciousness.
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