The New Dawning: An Interview with Christine Day


I think as time is going on, I think we’re seeing more people making that choice not to follow that path.
CD: I believe so, and I believe it’s going to accelerate even more over the next months and years. I see a huge shift of energy coming onto the planet between now and December, and then another huge shift in December right through to the following December. I think we’re going to see an incredible transformation and melting away of a lot of these structures.

It’s just the time for that, and it just feels very powerful. From the standpoint of the universal community, the galactic community, all eyes are on planet Earth. This is the first time they have had this sort of awakening anywhere in the universe. There are a tremendous number of groups, not just the Pleiadians, who are coming onto the planet Earth to play their individual roles as part of the team. The Pleiadians are part of that team. Their role is to bring the love initiations and to help with the anchoring of the grid lines. But they are a just a part of a very large universal community team that are working with us at this time.

You wrote that you personally went through a metamorphosis during the process of receiving this information. Please share with us your personal experience of what you’ve experienced.
CD: I absolutely went through a total transformation — and it was a profound time. For the last chapters of the book, I got up at midnight to write and I wrote for 15 hours straight. I channeled through until 3:00 the next afternoon. In that time, I met with an aspect of myself that I have never, ever connected to or been aware of. I was placed in a space of connection to the universal community, and they moved through me and worked with me in this amazing process. Every cell in my body transformed, and I went through a profound truth and understanding and an alignment to a part of myself that is aligned and bonded to the universal community.

There was such a deep, personal experience of communion, a natural state of communion, during those 15 hours. When I completed that writing, the book was done, and I had no idea what had been written down — but I knew the truth of it. There was such a light that still touches my heart deeply, the experience of that. That light inside of me has not left, and my daily living here on this Earth plane has totally transformed. There is a state of awareness of my connection, and my purpose on this Earth plane is so clear. I have not let go of that sacred connection to my own light and to my sacred communion with the galactic community and the universal community.

It truly changed my life. I was writing in Grand Marais, where I was told to go and write. They said there’s a house you need to see. They told me exactly where the house was. Alisa drove me. I told her, “You have to go down this road, you have to turn, it’s right here.” A “for sale” sign was hanging there. We put in an offer the next day, and now we’ve moved up there. It was an unbelievable experience, and life changing.

How will your event in October assist those who are actively going through this process?
CD: It’s designed to take specific individuals back to the sacred alignments that they are ready to receive, not only within themselves, but with the galactic community, with the Pleiadians, with the Lemurians. There are going to be a series of what the Pleiadians call “dimensional arcs.” People will sit in these arcs and align to these multidimensional vehicles, and they will be able to move where they need to within the universal connections — and they will be able to have some very deep and powerful reawakenings.

This is very different from any other Pleiadian seminar that we’ve done. It’s going to create tremendous opportunity for people to open through the veils and really be able to align in a whole new clarity and way within the universal community — and to their own energy. I see it as really life changing for people who feel drawn to come. Everyone has different journeys, different supports necessary in these programs, and we have the assistance there to support everybody to have their own individual journeys within the collective journey. I just know it’s going to be incredibly profound and powerful.

Thank you for your conversation with us. Is there anything you’d like to add that we have not talked about?
CD: The only thing I would say is the call is out for all of us now to move, to step forward, for the people to remember that they said yes to this time, to this journey. It’s so important for people to understand that they are not alone in this journey, and that for the success of their journey they need to open up and give permission for the life force groups to come in and support them at this time.

It is the time for us to step forward and to start saying yes to what we pre-agreed to do on the Earth plane during this very amazing time.

Christine Day will present “Galactic Codes for Your Awakening,” a three-day Pleiadian Seminar October 4-6 in Minneapolis. For more information, contact Barbara Ramstad at 612.729.0229, email [email protected] or register at


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