The Pleiades and the Andean Mystery Teachings


kryon2“As we stand at the threshold of the biggest and most momentous shift in the history of humankind, the Pleiadians have some very important information to share with us.” — Christine Day: Language of Light Initiations

THE PLEIADES STAR SYSTEM is called the Seven Sisters because seven of its stars are visible to the naked eye. In reality, this star cluster actually contains more than 400 stars. Andean languages refer to the Pleiades as “seeds,” or the “Great Granary,” referring to the structures built into the sides of the mountains that stored food enough to feed the people for seven years, before the conquistadors destroyed them and brought an end to the golden age of the Inkan Empire.

To the peoples of the Andes, the Pleiades were particularly important in determining the seasons, and planning the planting and harvest of their crops. They were considered so important that the people continue to celebrate the Festival of the Return of the Stars, or Festival of Q’ollorit’i. This special ceremony is held every June, on the full moon, at 16,000 feet at the foot of a huge glacier on a sacred mountain or Apu, in Peru. It is attended annually by 80,000 pilgrims who travel from long distances to the Sacred Apu. The Apus are the highest deity in the Inkan cosmology, equivalent to our Ascended Masters. It is said that the Pleiades watches over the festival and serves as the taqe for the festival — or joiner of energy fields — bringing together diverse energies into a collective whole.

Esoteric teachings, and ancient cultures, tell us that the divine aspect of human form and consciousness came from the stars and that the Pleiadians provided the blueprint for the human consciousness or codes of Light that were hidden in our DNA — our genetic/spiritual heritage. Perhaps our modern culture is moving toward our true consciousness and abilities now in 2012.

The First People
Michael Tellinger, a scientist and researcher, called these ancients who built the pyramids, and carved accurate stone calendars, the First People. He believes these civilizations had an astute knowledge of the laws of nature, sacred geometry and generation of free energy — using the power of sound and frequency as a source of their energy.

He says: “It is crucial that we become aware of our origins, the mystery of ancient civilizations on the road that has brought us to this point, where rapid enlightenment and the rise of consciousness is changing our world and our reality on a daily basis. We can learn from those early humans in our search for a harmonious, unified world with abundance for all.”

The generation of free energy (for example, solar, wind and wave) and other environmentally friendly technology today can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and protects the Earth from being torn up (through such practices as “fracking”) to provide oil, gas, minerals, etc.

JJ Hurtak, an esoteric author, states that the Pleiades was considered to be the Mother Sun of our Solar System — the “Sun beyond the Sun” — which is an old belief found in many cultures. One of the Mayan names for the Pleiades was the “400 boys,” at a time when telescopes able to see the 400 stars were not yet invented.

Jose Arguelles, author and Mayan historian, believes the Maya were star-beings or time-lords, who came from the Pleiades to the Yucatan through the “dwelling of the 13 serpents” an intergalactic passageway to the high planes of energy beyond our solar system. The Mayans talk of a “road to the sky leading to the umbilicus of the Universe,” which is similar to Andean cultures that speak of a “luminous chord that connects the solar plexus to the sky.”

egyptThe light of wisdom
The Mayan calendar is actually pre-Mayan, as the Mayan calendar came from a people who were in touch with the stars over 16 million years ago. At Palenque, the faint Pleiadian cluster is depicted on a ceiling mural as the home of Queztalquatl, the God-Being that brought the Light of wisdom and higher consciousness to South and Central America.

Divine seedings of an enlightened race were not limited to Peru and Mayalands. The great leader of the Hebrews, Moses, was said to be a high initiate who came from Heliopolis, the city of the sun. His name in Greek means the “son of the sun,” which is the name the Inkans were known by. Thoth was one of the world’s greatest teachers in Egypt, who brought his people gifts of the “forbidden” arts such as art, mathematics, astrology, astronomy, and healing. He is most noted, however, for the doctrine of inner light and the teachings of Osirus. He taught that light is universal and that it (God-Light) dwelt in the heart of every man.

“When a man knows,” it was said, “he goes beyond ceremony, he goes to Osirus, he goes to the Light, the Light Amen-Ra from which all came forth, to which all shall return.” He taught the pharaoh that only a king who had light in his heart could rule the people. The Inkas chose their leaders by the amount of Light they carried in their aura, and the highest Inka — the Sapa Inka — was said to “shine like the sun,” just as the people of Egypt described their early pharaohs.

Pleiadian origins
Many indigenous peoples all over the world claim Pleiadian origins, and they give great honor and homage to these “Star Nations.” The Dogon tribe of Africa traces its origins back to the star Sirius. The Stones of Ica, discovered in a cave near Nazca, Peru, are a library of a way of life of ancient peoples who cataloged their astrology, astronomy, geography, and agriculture 60 million years ago. The anthropologist who discovered the Stones of Ica, Dr. Javier Caberra, believed that the makers of the Ica Stones were from the same cultures as the First peoples of the Andes who built Tiahuanaco, a pre-Inkan civilization, and whose influence was felt throughout the Inkan empire.

The Lakota, Kiowa, Cheyenne and Hopi all have oral traditions related to their origination from the Star Cluster Pleiades. Hopi prophesy speaks of the return of the Blue Kachina Star Person at the end of this cycle of time, who will herald in the 5th age of man. The Hopi consider themselves descendants of Pleiadians, and hold green corn dances every year dedicated with seven ears of corn, from seven fields, representing seven clans.

Bear Lodge, better know today as Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, has legends from the Lakota, Blackfoot and Kiowa. One story is about seven sisters chased by seven bears who took refuge upon the sacred rock and the bears left claw marks all the way down the rock.

The Emperor Huang Ti, considered by many scholars to be behind cultural, social and economic development of China, attributed his vast knowledge to visits from beings from the Pleiades in 2537 BC.

trees-lightThe shaman’s toolbox
Quantum physics teaches us that the observer cannot observe anything without changing what she sees. In other words, with our intent, our mind, we can alter the outcome of events. The greatest tool in the Andean shaman’s toolbox is the principle of intent.

All of nature is organized by fields of dimensions of Light. We think of the Light as a mysterious experience, as it is associated with consciousness and intelligence. It is the Light that bridges matter or three-dimensional consciousnesses to the Divinity of higher dimensions or higher mind.

The Light of the Pleiades, according to Andean teachings, acts like a joiner of energy fields. This Divine Light, or taque in Quechua, is the Light of our Self. Through the power of intent, we expand ourselves upward through these dimensional realities. This higher Light and Frequency then connects our consciousness to the greater whole.

Unconditional Love is the prime quality of Source or God, and our Higher Self. Once we acknowledge that we are the Children of Light, then we can receive the benefits, and once you grasp the nature of unconditional love for yourself first, then all others, then you realize there is a galactic agenda: A higher order of completion that is inherent in the human mind and body.

Our temple of the Holy Spirit — the human body — must be attuned to the higher light vibrations. Teachers of the Andean mysteries work with the energies of the body, helping apprentices purify their energy fields so they may access higher light fields or dimensions. These higher vibratory energies provide access to expanded consciousness.

Sacred sites in Peru, and all over the world, were built to awaken expanded consciousness or shift our perceptions of consensual reality. Ancient cultures knew that the power hidden within these sacred sites would help catalyze the future awakening of the dormant DNA or seeds of Light within the human body.

The Medicine Wheel
One of the teachings that I have studied talks about the concept of the four directions, and the Medicine Wheel, as a map of the transformation journey we all must take.

For example, the work of the South direction on the Medicine Wheel is to cleanse the energy body of emotional debris and patterns that no longer serve our expanding consciousness. It is an act of power to shift one’s perceptual stance in the world, which allows us more expanded views of reality as well as shifting and increasing our frequency.

We are vibrational beings. Our star brothers and sisters dwell in a spectrum of Light and Frequency just above our third-dimensional world. As we work with the keys to consciousness given to us by the Pleiadians, and other Star Beings, we increase our frequency, and are better able to maintain contact with our guides, the angelic realms, our Higher Self.

Keys to higher consciousness
Christine Day, a Pleiadian channel, teaches these keys to higher consciousness in her books and workshops, and how to access higher dimensions. These dimensions are inhabited by higher frequencial beings, that is, beings who exist but are not apparent in our three-dimensional reality. Our task in this new millennium is to source our self from these frequencies and dimensions, which, in and of themselves, preclude the lower dimensional reality of violence, poverty, control and fear. By accessing these realities on a more regular basis, the body continues to purify and increase its frequency, as does the mind. This is the legacy of our wonderful, magical and brilliant bio-computer, our body.

As we access these worlds, we draw all energies that surround us up towards this Light and Frequency. As the Earth herself, or Pachamama, as she is known in the Andes, ascends, we, her children, ascend with her. This is the prophesy and the promise of the Andean ancient mystery teachings and this ancient wisdom is sealed and seeded in our DNA, and in the stones of the ancient sacred sites of the world.

Andean prophecy believes that the fifth level of human consciousness must manifest by 2012, as only then will the 6th level arise and the Taripay Pacha, or golden age, commence. In our third-dimensional reality, war, violence, poverty, greed and fear exist. As a race, we are all attempting to enter into the fourth dimension of peace and harmony. This golden age is a collective of experience of heightened consciousness. When we are awake, free of fear and negativity, the seed of the fifth level will appear, coming from all directions and sacred sites, thus giving rise to the avatars, or brothers and sisters of Light, who will help us to usher in a golden age of prosperity and freedom for all peoples to live in peace.

Once again, the human race will become the caretakers of Pachamama, her plants and animals and, indeed, all of creation, and the Garden of Eden, our Planet Earth will be cared for, nurtured, honored and protected…once again.

“Now is the time to step forward and consciously participate in our own remembering and reconnection with our natural spiritual nature.” — Christine Day (

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Holly Gray Schuck, M.S., LicSW, has over 30 years experience in psychotherapy, working with individuals, couples and families. She has a private practice using a blend of spiritual direction and traditional therapy. Holly has worked as a primary therapist for over 15 years at a Northern Wisconsin reservation clinic, serving children and families. She has studied with Alberto Villoldo, Americo Yabar, Juan Nunez Prado, Sun Bear, Serge King, Pat Burdy, Arna Lesha, Master Stephen Co with Advanced Pranic Healing, and studied with Luzclara, her teacher/mentor/friend, for 22 years. Holly is a former wilderness instructor and white water guide and leads expeditions to sacred sites internationally.


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