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african-templesAfrican Temples of the Anunnaki: The Lost Technologies of the Gold Mines of Enki, by Michael Tellinger (Bear & Co.) 240 pages, $25 — With more than 250 original full-color photographs, Michael Tellinger documents thousands of circular stone ruins, monoliths, ancient roads, agricultural terraces, and prehistoric mines in South Africa. He reveals how these 200,000-year-old sites perfectly match Sumerian descriptions of Abzu, the land of the First People –including the vast gold-mining operations of the Anunnaki from the 12th planet, Nibiru, and the city of Anunnaki leader Enki. With aerial photographs, Tellinger shows how the extensive stone circle and road complexes are laid out according to the principles of sacred geometry and represent the remains of Tesla-like technology used to generate energy and carve immensely long tunnels straight into the Earth in search of gold–tunnels that still exist and whose origins had been a mystery until now. He reveals, with photographic evidence, that the human civilization spawned by the Anunnaki was the first to create many totems of ancient Egypt, such as the Horus bird, the Sphinx, the Ankh, and large pyramids, as well as construct an accurate stone calendar, at the heart of their civilization, aligned with the Orion constellation. He explores how their petroglyphs, carved into the hardest rock, are nearly identical to the hieroglyphs of Sumerian seals. Mapping thousands of square miles of continuous settlements and three urban centers — each one larger than modern-day Los Angeles — Tellinger provides the physical proof of Zecharia Sitchin’s theories on the Anunnaki origins of humanity.

art-of-empathyThe Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill, by Karla McLaren (Sounds True) 336 pages, $18.95 , available October 1 — What if there were a single skill that could directly and radically improve our relationships and our emotional lives? Empathy, teaches Karla McLaren, is that skill. With The Art of Empathy, this acclaimed author teaches us how to perceive and feel the experiences of others with clarity and authenticity-to connect with them more deeply and effectively. Informed by current insights from neuroscience, social psychology, and healing traditions, this book teaches readers: Why empathy is not a mystical phenomenon but a natural, innate ability that we can strengthen and develop; how to identify and regulate our own emotions and boundaries; and how to shift into the perspective of others with authenticity and respect. More than ever, reflects Karla McLaren, the time for empathy has come. The Art of Empathy brings readers welcome, practical guidance for mastering this essential life skill.

art-of-healingThe Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing, by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. ( New World Library) 256 pages, $16.95 — In these pages, renowned medical doctor and spiritual teacher Bernie Siegel demonstrates how science and spirituality interact — and how you can tap your body’s potential to heal. After studying the use of crayon drawings by patients facing life-threatening disease, Bernie founded Exceptional Cancer Patients to facilitate self-induced healings, which were often called miraculous. Bernie realized our bodies actually want to heal, and we can aid this innate propensity through what are currently seen as unconventional practices, including drawing, visualization, dreams, love, and laughter. You’ll learn how to use these practices to help with everything from diagnosing and understanding your illness to making the correct treatment decisions to sharing your experience with loved ones and caregivers. Filled with inspiring true stories and suggestions for traveling your own healing journey, this book offers hands-on, patient-proven techniques that can create miracles.

bird-medicineBird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism, by Evan T. Pritchard (Bear & Co.) 320 pages, $18 — Birds are our strongest allies in the natural world. Revered in Native American spirituality and shamanic traditions around the world, birds are known as teachers, guardians, role models, counselors, healers, clowns, peacemakers, and meteorologists. They carry messages and warnings from loved ones and the spirit world, report deaths and injuries, and channel divine intelligence to answer our questions. Some of their “signs” are so subtle that one could discount them as subjective, but others are dramatic enough to strain even a skeptic’s definition of coincidence. Pairing scholarly research with more than 200 firsthand accounts of bird encounters from traditional Native Americans and their descendants, Evan Pritchard explores the living spiritual tradition surrounding birds in Native American culture. He examines in depth the birds known as the gatekeepers of the four directions–Eagle in the North, Hawk in the East, Crow in the South, and Owl in the West–including their roles in legends and the use of their feathers in shamanic rituals. He reveals how the eagle can be a direct messenger of the Creator, why crows gather in “Crow Councils,” and how shamans have the ability to travel inside of birds, even after death. Expanding his study to the wisdom and gifts of birds beyond the four gatekeepers, such as hummingbirds, seagulls, and the mythical thunderbird, he provides numerous examples of everyday bird sign interpretations that can be applied in your own encounters with birds as well as ways we can help protect birds and encourage them to communicate with us.

contagious-optimismContagious Optimism: Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking, by David Mezzapelle (Viva Editions) 272 pages, $16.95 — David Mezzapelle was inspired to write this uplifting book based on his life’s experiences and his own contagious optimism. He has influenced many people with his outlook and this book offers optimism to others around the globe. Contagious Optimism includes stories and parables of amazing life turnarounds from real people world-wide. A compendium of encouragement, Contagious Optimism also includes advice and guidance from business leaders, visionaries and professionals. Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in themselves and the world around them due to personal hardship along with economic and political uncertainty worldwide. Contagious Optimism shows readers that it’s possible to find the silver lining in every cloud. Developed by the team that brought you Random Acts of Kindness, this book is like Chicken Soup for the Soul meets Pay It Forward, on steroids! Contagious Optimism is pure inspiration that will lift hearts, open minds, and create a movement of pass-it-on hope and happiness. Featured stories and endorsements are from “contagious optimists” such as: Michael Beckwith, founder of the single largest interfaith church in America, LA’s Agape; Nancy Ferrari, the “Oprah of AM Radio”; and Daniel Tully, chairman emeritus of Merrill Lynch and one of the top executives to ever grace Wall Street.

creative-youCreative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive, by David B. Goldstein & Otto Kroeger (Beyond Words), 256 pages, $18 — Whether you can admit it to yourself of not, you are creative. In today’s complex world, creativity is the key to finding and living your passion. Whatever that passion is — cooking, technology, writing, or even plumbing — Creative You reveals your own personal style of creativity to help you build an environment of innovation at work and home. Discover your creative personality type with a simple quiz and detailed descriptions of the 16 personality types. Plus, tools and techniques show you how to apply creativity to your everyday life. Drop excuses like, “I’m too old to start being creative,” and “Creativity is only for artists.” Confidently use creativity to live your passion by using your natural style. Whether you are starting from scratch or enhancing an already developed skill, discover the creative you that you’ve been searching for.

Ecstatic_HealingEcstatic Healing: A Journey into the Shamanic World of Spirit Possession and Miraculous Medicine, by Margaret De Wys (Inner Traditions) 192 pages, $14.95 — Margaret De Wys first became aware of ecstatic trance healing when she was a young girl fascinated by the rapture of the Holy Rollers. However, it would be decades before she would be called to explore that early fascination. At a gathering in Upstate New York thirty years later she was spontaneously possessed by a sacred Zulu necklace — a gift from one of the most powerful shamans in Africa, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. Frightening yet exhilarating, the experience set her on a search to understand the depths of ecstatic healing. Margaret journeys to Brazil to work with famous healer John of God (João de Deus), where she witnesses hundreds of miraculous healings through psychic surgery. During her years of spiritual service at John’s Casa, she experiences ecstatic visions, which increase her hunger for more knowledge. She begins to attend possession rituals held by Pai Lazaro, an Umbanda priest, and finds she is a natural medium to the African gods. Called through her dreams to work with Credo Mutwa, she travels to Credo’s Healing Village in Africa, where she discovers her gift as an ecstatic healer and the meaning of true faith. In sharing her journey to reach a profound understanding of ecstatic states and shamanic healing, Margaret De Wys not only gives the reader a direct experience of holiness but also reveals the potential each of us has for miraculous healing.

energy-medicineEnergy Medicine Technologies: Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Therapy and the Future of Health, edited by Finley Eversole, Ph.D. (Inner Traditions) 368 pages, $18.95 — Natural, nontoxic, inexpensive, and effective alternatives to conventional medicine exist, yet they have been suppressed by the profit-driven medical-pharmaceutical complex. Presenting a compendium of some of the most revolutionary yet still widely unknown discoveries in health and energy medicine, this book edited by Finley Eversole, Ph.D., explores the use of microcrystals to harmonize the energies of body, mind, and environment; the healing effects of ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapy; ways to combat electromagnetic fields and environmental toxins; sources of disruptive energy that cause stress and health problems, including other people’s negative emotions; and how to tap in to healing antioxidant electrons from the Earth. The book reveals the scientifically proven health risks of genetically modified foods–the first irreversible technology in human history with still unknown consequences. It looks at the link between industrial farming and the precipitous rise in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s over the past 100 years, providing a 10-point Low-Toxin Program to reduce your risk. It explores the cancer-curing electromedicine of Royal Raymond Rife and its suppression by the medical establishment, as well as Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgi’s follow-up discovery of Frequency Therapy. Offering a window into the holistic future of medicine, the book shows the body not simply as a biological machine to be patched and repaired but as a living organism made up of cells dynamically linked to their inner and outer environments.

everyday-oraclesEveryday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages that are all Around Us, by Ann Bolinger-McQuade (Tarcher/Penguin) 288 pages, $16.95 — It could be a cloud in the shape of a loved one’s face or an extremely relevant song playing on the radio at the exact time of a friend’s death–if we allow ourselves to stop, look, and listen, we can identify what spiritual teacher Ann Bolinger-McQuade calls personal oracles. And when we tune into these subtle messages from Spirit, we will discover guidance for navigating life’s most trying situations. In this illuminating book, readers will learn that the universe is constantly conspiring in our favor and is ready to lend a helping hand when we need it most — if only we can look closely and open our hearts to the divine messages that are on display around us. In addition to sharing stories of divine inspiration from her own life, as well as the lives of others (many of them well-known historical or contemporary figures), McQuade discusses the history and science of oracles in general and of personal oracles specifically, offering the reader practical instructions for identifying and decoding the divine messages in their own lives.

Future-Human-ExperienceThe Future of Human Experience: Visionary Thinkers on the Science of Consciousness, by J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H. L. (Destiny Books) 320 pages $19.95 — For almost three decades Zohara Hieronimus has interviewed spiritual teachers, cutting-edge scientists, ancient wisdom keepers, laboratory-tested psychics, and other visionaries on their predictions for the near and far future. While the methods they use are significantly diverse, the similarities in their forecasts are striking. And, as Hieronimus reveals, one common theme resonates through them all: the power of human consciousness. Sharing insights from her discussions with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Raymond Moody, Larry Dossey, John Perkins, Michael Cremo, Gay Bradshaw, Ray Kurzweil, and many others, Hieronimus explores what these visionary thinkers foresee for humanity based on current trends in medicine, science, agriculture, Earth history, robotics, and spirituality. She examines natural, extraterrestrial, and man-made events that dramatically altered humanity’s course in the past or might in the future, revealing a recurring cycle of catastrophic Earth changes and rebirths of civilization over billions of years. The author explains that, as part of the energetic expression of Divinity, we can influence the impact of Earth changes through our actions and intentions. She shows that the consciousness of humanity has the power to affect evolution, enact healing on personal and global levels, and alter even natural systems such as the weather. By studying predictions across a broad range of disciplines — from nano-technology to plant intelligence — from today’s great minds and from ancient spiritual traditions, Hieronimus shows that we can significantly improve the long-term welfare of the Earth by unfolding our nonlocal consciousness, adopting a reverent attitude toward all life, and realizing how we do things is as vital as what we do.

global-heartThe Global Heart Awakens: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love, by Anodea Judith (Shift Books) 280 pages, $19.95 — Positing that modern society is an adolescent culture, driven by greed and power and lying on the cusp of an era of spiritual growth and shifting values, this book explores mythic themes in various historical eras to explain the past, present, and future of the human experience. It suggests that the world is facing a rite of passage into adulthood and that a time of cooperation, stabilization, and sharing is approaching. With an original theory of history based on developmental psychology, including an analysis of masculine and feminine archetypes, this thoughtful guide weaves the narratives of human history and individuals’ experiences into a path of enlightenment and a way to catalyze social change. The Global Heart Awakens gives us all a profound map for participating in this great awakening. Step by step, Anodea Judith shows us how to become a love-powered evolutionary in service to a new era of compassion, justice, and abundance. In the process, you will learn why becoming part of this vast movement provides deep and lasting fulfillment in your life.

Good-vibrationsGood Vibrations: Waves Upon the Etheric, by Stella McGuinness and Brenda Carroll (CreateSpace) 298 pages, $41.18 or $9.99 eBook — Stella and Brenda’s life experiences, particularly those of a very specific spiritual and psychic nature — involving communication of various sorts with other dimensional forces,and those we term “the dead” — endow them with the necessary knowledge and experience to write this book. Both Stella and Brenda have studied these and other related subjects throughout their adult lives, spanning over four decades of extensive learning. They have not only read books, including those about spirituality, science and mysticism, but have also endeavored to apply all they have learned through their experiences and studies to their own lives, as far as possible. Having undergone, sometimes, difficult changes, being derided, and labelled weird by some, because of opening up their minds to that which they once thought of as impossible. They remain totally dedicated to uncovering and discovering the truth of our existence. By means of stories and through photographic evidence, Stella and Brenda convey proof of the unique light manifestations they have witnessed and the life changing happenings they have experienced. They support their findings and experiences by outlining the work and evidence from eminent scientists, physicists and philosophers, such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir William Crookes and Arthur Findlay.

hard-times-requireHard Times Require Furious Dancing: New Poems, by Alice Walker (New World Library), 184 pages, $14.95 — “Though we have encountered our share of grief and troubles on this earth, we can still hold the line of beauty, form, and beat. No small accomplishment in a world as challenging as this one.” — from the preface. So writes Alice Walker in this new book of poems, poems composed over the course of one year in response to joy and sorrow both personal and global: the death of loved ones, war, the deliciousness of love, environmental devastation, the sorrow of rejection, greed, poverty, and the sweetness of home. The poems embrace our connections while celebrating the joy of individuality, the power we each share to express our truest, deepest selves. Beloved for her ability to speak her own truth in ways that speak for and about countless others, she demonstrates that we are stronger than our circumstances. As she confronts personal and collective challenges, her words dance, sing, and heal.

infinite-potentialInfinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals about How We Should Live, by Lothar Schäfer (Deepak Chopra Books) 336 pages, $26 — In Infinite Potential, physical chemist Lothar Schäfer presents a stunning view of the universe as interconnected, nonmaterial, composed of a field of infinite potential, and conscious. With his own research as well as that of some of the most distinguished scientists of our time, Schäfer moves us from a reality of Darwinian competition to cooperation, a meaningless universe to a meaningful one, and a disconnected, isolated existence to an interconnected one. In so doing, he shows us that our potential is infinite and calls us to live in accordance with the order of the universe, creating a society based on the cosmic principle of connection, emphasizing cooperation and community. Schäfer is a respected physical chemist and university professor who draws on his own research, as well as the contributions of some of the most distinguished scientists of our time, to present a stunning new perspective on existence. His controversial view of the universe is also a hopeful one — one that offers human beings the opportunity to realize how they are interconnected both with one another and their surroundings, tapping into a foundational shared purpose to improve their lives and the world.

the-last-laughThe Last Laugh: A Novel, by Arjuna Ardagh (Hay House Visions) 264 pages, $16.95 — When suicide feels like your best option, you know something has gone horribly wrong — and that’s just how Matt Thomson felt. He had lost everything: his wife, his children, his job, all his money, and his front door key. But everything changes when he meets Joey Murphy, ex-Merchant Marine, entrepreneur, teacher, and wild man, an enigmatic mixture of Forrest Gump, Merlin, and a long-lost best friend. Upon hearing Matt’s woes, Joey offers Matt a life-changing deal he can’t resist: “The life you know has been completely predetermined by old habits, both your triumphs and your failures. If you are really at the end of your rope, these habits will drop away, and you will be free …I give you ten days, starting today. I will show you all you need to see. It is up to you.” And with the deal struck Joey leads Matt on the roller-coaster ride of his life: a ten-day adventure filled with dodging cop cars, playing Blind Man’s baseball on the edge of a cliff, finding heaven in a Taco Bell, and learning how to open the hearts of total strangers. Joey introduces Matt to “the True Teacher,” but also leads him to face his own deepest darkness and despair.

magic-of-flowersThe Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties, by Tess Whitehurst (Llewellyn) 432 pages, $17.99 — Explore the subtle and whimsical realm of flower magic with 80 magical species, conveniently presented in this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind guide! From African daisy to ylang ylang and many others in between, The Magic of Flowers introduces you to the holistic and therapeutic benefits of essential oils, flower essences, and the blossoms themselves. As manifestations of divine beauty and wisdom, flowers offer you countless magical and spiritual ways to connect with them. Because they dwell on the border between seen and unseen, closer to the etheric realm of pure energy, flowers allow you to see into the heart of truth. Tune in to their unique vibrations and improve your health, vitality, beauty, success, personal power, and more. Use flowers for aromatherapy, charms and rituals, herbal potions, divine alignment, and to help manifest the life conditions you desire. Spark your own transcendent experiences with these mystical beings, who can serve as therapists, healers, and emissaries of the Divine.

the-mapThe Map: to Our Responsive Universe — Where Dreams Really Do Come True! by Boni Lonnsburry (Inner Art Inc.) 372 pages, $14.95 — We live in a universe that actually wants you to “have it all”…But if you’ve been frustrated in your attempts to create the kind of life you can love — a life of boundless joy, love, and material abundance — then here at last is the missing key. The Map doesn’t just tell you what is possible in this life — it shows you, step-by-simple-step, exactly how to get from Point A (where you are) to Point B (where your greatest heartfelt dreams are found). Jam-packed with plenty of delicious detail, this “GPS to your dreams” can help you pinpoint an exact path to creating the life you were born to live, while revealing how to: Uncover your true dream – not just the one you may have “settled for” over the years Identify, root out, and reprogram any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back Know when — and how — to take action on your dreams (because taking action is the one step most “dreamers” never get to) Tell whether your desires are manifesting, or not…since it can sometimes take a while for the universe to line up everything needed for your dream to materialize, and it may appear to you that nothing’s happening (but you’ll know to watch for these signs) Be happy, no matter what – and never again be tossed around by unexpected pot-holes along the road of Life (The Map can steer you onto smoother highways every time.) Boni Lonnsburry has developed a proven, straightforward system for turning dreams into reality. She went from being broke, alone, jobless and nearly homeless…to being the owner of a multimillion-dollar business, married to the man of her dreams, and living a life she truly loves. Boni has shown thousands of people how to manifest their dreams. And now she wants to show you too, in The Map.

more-foodMore Food from Small Spaces: Growing Denser, Deeper, Higher, Longer Gardens, by Margaret Park (Great River Books) 128 pages, $17.95 — Food, we can’t live without it, yet its costs are rising and consuming more of the family budget. In addition, health concerns about the use of pesticides, GMO foods, and potential soil mineral depletion in the food supply inspire more people to want to grow their own vegetables. Many of these live in cities with only small yard spaces. This book presents new methods devised and tested by the author to maximize food production from a small yard. By tightly spacing plants in deep, fertile soil, training plants vertically, and harvesting year round — with the help of the inexpensive, portable greenhouse one can build from this book — a great proportion of a family’s vegetable needs can be grown at home — even in the space it takes to park a car. The author devised and tested a great growing system. Even if people have more space, it doesn’t make sense to use more space. Gardeners won’t necessarily produce more vegetables, but more space does mean more area to cultivate, weed and water; less space for other backyard uses. Soil fertility is more important than additional space. The system of composting we use requires an EM medium (mostly wheat bran inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms) and two buckets, one for collecting kitchen waste and one for further fermentation. The microorganisms not only feed the plants, they also clean up the soil.

my-animalMy Animal, My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other, by Marta Williams ( New World Library) 232 pages, $15.95 — In this groundbreaking book, animal communicator Marta Williams brings into focus an unexamined dynamic in our relationships with our animals: the idea that our animals are often our mirrors. Deeply and inextricably connected to us on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, they can pick up and reflect back to us the issues and events of our lives. Through stories, exercises, and an extensive questionnaire, you will gain unique insight into the healing and teaching roles of your companion animals, both past and current, and the profound gifts they offer. Marta Williams is a biologist and animal communicator who travels worldwide to teach people how to communicate intuitively with animals and nature.

on-the-edge-of-realityOn the Edge of Reality, by Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews (New Page Books) 320 pages, $17.99 — A global expansion of consciousness is underway. As predicted by ancient prophecy, old ways of thinking and of seeing the world are shifting. Mind-stretching new phenomena are challenging current reality. New frontiers of science are disclosing a connection between our consciousness and physical reality. As consciousness changes, so do our perceptions. The door is opening to a new reality. Join Colin and Synthia as they explore what is beyond this door. Examine the multitude of current changes–from the bases of society to the foundations of science–that indicate the unfolding of a new paradigm. Investigate non-ordinary reality and unexplained phenomena as interactions of consciousness. In this fascinating new title, you will explore and learn about: Parallel cases of inexplicable exchanges between lights in the sky and crop circles on the ground; strange sounds in the sky heard and recorded around the world; photographic orbs of light; the Norway Spiral, a rotating spiral of light seen by hundreds of people in 2009; and unexplained RADAR interference patterns correlating with weather anomalies.

path-of-initiationThe Path of Initiation: Spiritual Evolution and the Restoration of the Western Mystery Tradition, by J.S. Gordon (Inner Traditions) 608 pages, $29.95 — As the precessional cycle transits from Pisces to Aquarius, great shifts in spiritual evolution are on the horizon–not for all of humanity as many in the New Age movement have generously hypothesized but for those who have undertaken the necessary spiritual preparation and initiatory work. Drawing from his deep immersion in the Mystery traditions of both East and West, author J. S. Gordon investigates the initiatic path from ancient times to modern day, detailing the step-by-step process of initiation and the sequence from spiritual aspirant to the highest adeptship. He explains the natural logic and characteristics of each stage of initiation, including the associated problems and psychological issues that need to be faced in order to move forward to the next stage. He shows how humanity is naturally inclined to spiritual evolution and the development of higher consciousness. We are part of the overall evolutionary process of Nature, a system guided by the most highly evolved Adepts and extending beyond Earth to the entire kosmos. Exploring the long history of the Mystery schools beginning with ancient Egypt, Babylonia, and India, Gordon examines the sacred metaphors and allegories of esoteric philosophy, metaphysics, occult science, and the Science of the Seven Rays as well as the Adept-inspired theosophical works of H. P. Blavatsky and A. A. Bailey. He looks at the Adept Hierarchy of the Great White Himalayan Brotherhood and considers in detail two much-discussed mysteries: The Jesus-as-Christ mystery and the Maitreya-Buddha mystery. Revealing how advancement–spiritual, scientific, and cultural–erupts out of tension, he explains how the Adepts have been increasing local and global tensions to prepare humanity for the Age of Aquarius, thereby creating the ideal preconditions for spiritual evolution and an eventual restoration of the Mysteries in our own modern era.

resonance-alchemyResonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life, by Katherine Parker (BalboaPress) 296 pages, $18.99Resonance Alchemy takes you on a remarkable journey of discovery that will expand your consciousness and transform forever the way you view yourself and your reality. Based on the author’s direct experience, this journey begins with a mysterious gift from a group of celestial Light Beings. Their gift leads to the unveiling of ancient but long hidden techniques designed to assist humanity in the current shift of consciousness now taking place. Join Katherine as this ancient knowledge unfolds, from the revelation of a universal language of Sacred Syllables to the discovery of a unique healing method based on the vibrational resonance of this sacred language. Learn how these Sacred Syllables can bring your body, soul, and spirit back into harmony with their Divine Design. Transform your consciousness as you gain a profound new understanding of inner alchemy and shift your perspective from separation to unity with your Divine Nature. Discover powerful methods that will: open your heart and develop your intuition; activate your body’s power to achieve and maintain radiant health; reconnect you to your Higher Self and accelerate your spiritual evolution; and; help you achieve a profound inner alchemy of body, soul, and spirit.

secret-life-of-wellnessThe Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions, by Inna Segal (Beyond Words) 304 pages, $18 — Everyone comes into this world with the ability to be a visionary, access Divine wisdom, and follow their internal guidance system. The challenge is accessing and utilizing the inner compass we all have. In The Secret of Life Wellness, Inna Segal goes beyond physical healing to demonstrate that life wellness reflects health wellness. By answering 21 of life’s biggest questions, Segal guides you through every stage of your personal well-being and invites us all to look within to find answers. From losing weight to raising confident children and dealing with loss, Segal covers the full spectrum of human challenges. With simple wisdom and easy and impactful exercises that can be integrated into one’s day-to-day life, Segal clears away the complexity to offer “must have tools” for healing, transformation, and evolution. The author is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing™ and the best-selling award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness. Segal is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker, author and television host, as well as a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness.

soul-sensingSoul Sensing: How to Communicate with Your Dead Loved Ones, by Janice Carlson (Authors Direct Books) 264 pages, $19.95 — Think it’s impossible to communicate with your dead loved ones? The fact is they’re probably already communicating with you! Find out what they’re saying with this groundbreaking how-to book that teaches you the language and messaging methods of the dead. Having lost her mother and adoptive father to death by the age of 10, medium and psychic Janice Carlson uses her two decades of professional afterlife-communications experience to help you: Recognize the signs of visitation by your passed loved ones’ souls. Pierce the veil between the living and the dead by awakening your seven soul senses and improving your right-brain abilities. Sense the presence and messages of your dead loved ones using your chakras and intuition. Use afterlife-communication tools. Send messages to the dead and receive their replies on an ongoing basis. Understand the differences between being visited by spirits and being haunted. Encourage visitation from your passed loved ones and pets. Overcome the real barriers to afterlife communications. Monitor your night dreams for soul visitations and messages. Learn how and when to protect yourself from the spirits of the dead. Filled with true accounts of visitations and communications with the dead, this one-of-a-kind book offers a compassionate alternative to the traditional They’re gone; just move on grief counseling. Afterlife communications aren’t just for séances anymore. They’re being used the world over to ease grief, help survivors move forward with their lives, and come to understand that most human souls do not perish, but continue to be active in our lives on a spiritual level.

wake-up-and-liveWake Up and Live! by Dorothea Brande (Tarcher/Penguin) 208 pages, $15.95 — The magic key is at the heart of Wake Up and Live! — one of the most persuasive self-improvement books ever published, and a work that once rivaled the popularity of contemporaneous books by Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie. When author Dorothea Brande, an enterprising Chicago journalist, published this book in 1936, it soared to popularity, selling more than a million copies. After decades of being out of print, it is newly available in this rediscovery edition. Brande detected in most people a “will to fail.” We are, Brande insisted, more frightened of suffering humiliation than desirous of achievement. Hence, when fear and ambition clash, fear inevitably prevails. Her book shows you how to short-circuit that fear response and to lead the life you are meant to — if you knew it was impossible to fail.

What-has-NatureWhat has Nature ever Done For Us? How Money Really Does Grow on Trees, by Tony Juniper (Synergetic Press) 336 pages, $29.95 — During recent years, and since 2005 in particular, the environmental debate worldwide has been dominated by climate change, carbon emissions and efforts to achieve low carbon economies. But a number of academic, technical, political, business and NGO initiatives indicate that there is a new wave of environmental attention focused on a wholly different set of subjects: namely that of ‘natural capital,’ ‘ecosystem services’ and ‘biodiversity,’ or in other words, what Nature does for us. From Indian Vultures to Chinese bees and from recycling miracles in the soil to the abundant genetic codebook underpinning our food and pharmaceutical needs, Nature provides the “ecosystem services” that underlie our economies. It is been estimated that these and other services are worth about twice the global GDP, and yet we take most of these services for granted, imagining them free and limitless — until they suddenly switch off. This is a book full of immediate, impactful stories, containing warnings, such as the rabies epidemic that followed a disappearance of Indian vultures (hormones in cattle killed the birds and resulted surplus in carcasses, creating an explosion of wild dogs), as well as promising and enlightening tales of how birds protect fruit harvests, coral reefs shield coasts from storms and how the rain forests absorb billions of tons of carbon released from automobiles and power stations. Tony Juniper’s book will change the whole way you think about life, the planet and the economy.



AyahuascaAyahuasca: Welcome to the Work, by Ben Lee (Ten Fingers Records), 52:06 minutes, $6.99 — Singer-songwriter and recording artist Ben Lee’s new album, Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work, was created with Jessica Chapnik-Kahn, an Argentinean-Australian actress and musician and it takes the listener on a journey reflecting the ayahuasca experience from normal consciousness to the depths, the heights and back again to the everyday. It must be heard deeply — and felt — to be fully appreciated. Ayahuasca is a South American vine (“vine of souls”) that is brewed into a tea. What ensues is a journey into the depths, illuminating the soul’s contents, often facilitating a soaring journey of the spirit. This shamanic ritual has existed among indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Lee’s new album reflects a lifelong commitment to his own spiritual development and sharing those evolving spaces with his audience.

bliss-of-beingBliss of Being: The Pure Heart Ensemble, featuring Richard Shulman (RichHeart Music), 58:50 minutes, $15Bliss of Being is an album of deeply relaxing and expansive music for listeners to dive into and return rested and more in tune with their natural inner alignment. Richard Shulman, composer of eight solo albums of music for healing, invited four other musicians to enter into a tapestry of sensitive listening and playing, and they have created a breathtakingly beautiful sonic landscape. Musicians are Shulman (piano and synthesizer), Adriana Contino (cello), Kate Steinbeck (flute), Dielle Ciesco (vocals), and Bob Hinkle (crystal bowls). Shulman’s style of resonant piano playing is complemented by the long singing tones of the cello flute voice and crystal bowls.

shimmering-landThe Shimmering Land, by Meg Bowles (Kumatone Records), 60 minutes, $12.99 — When synthesist Meg Bowles creates her ambient musical soundscapes, she does it as carefully as any classical composer. On her new album, The Shimmering Land, the music has different sections, purposeful movement, counterpoint, shifting textures and specific emotionalism. Bowles has been prominent in the fields of ambient and space music for the past 20 years, since the release of her first two recordings — Inner Space and Solstice Dreams — in 1993. Often inspired by a combination of “awe and wonder” regarding the cosmos, outer space and celestial bodies, Bowles also views more terrestrial nature as “a huge inspiration,” whether I’m walking in the woods, listening to the natural sounds found outdoors, enjoying waves on a shoreline or studying the night sky.”



conversations-with-raymondConversations with Raymond Moody and Eben Alexander, produced and directed by David Hinshaw (Raymond Moody Institute) unlimited online viewing $7.99, DVD $19.95), — Spend two hours with Dr. Raymond Moody, ‘father of the near-death-experience’ and Dr. Eben Alexander, author of the New York Times’ number one bestseller Proof of Heaven as they discuss Dr. Alexander’s beyond death experience and the issues surrounding the near death experience. Their conversation takes the discussion to a whole new level questioning the scientific and spiritual methodology, offering new insights into the ultimate human question. “Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon…one of the crown jewels of all near death experiences…Dr. Alexander is living proof of an afterlife.” — Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.

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