Cancer: Got it, Loved it, Let it go


victoryMY DEEP INNER voice of Truth said, “Take the alternative road, one less traveled. Stay free of surgery, radiation, and five years of hormone treatment.” It was September 2011 and I had just heard that my diagnosis was Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my left breast. My inner voice rose from within me and sent me into transforming my life rather than to its alternative, death; I knew immediately that the traditional medical treatment “recommendations” were not my path.

“You have cancer.” Hearing those words is a life-altering event. The cancer touched me at my very core. The traditional approach to cancer felt like going to war, but fighting a battle did not feel right for me. I paused, questioning, “What’s best for me? What is the root cause of my cancer?” Getting to all the root causes — physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually — became my goal. Listening with my spiritual ears, eyes, and heart has led me in this journey, which I wrote about in a series of articles for The Edge from March 2012 to December 2012.

When spiritual-energy-healing occurs, the underlying structure of the illness is removed and the body repairs itself. A good example is Anita Moorjana’s near-death experience with cancer, which is wonderfully documented in her book, Dying to Be Me.

One of my alternative health professionals, Dr. LeeAnn Minnaert, recently reminded me, “You really changed my way of thinking about cancer and disease in general, Cheryl. You were very loving and compassionate toward the cancer; you did not fight it. You accepted it, loved it, and learned from it.”

Every self-help and spiritual book tells us to love ourselves — all of ourselves. Doing so changes your life. Through my soul-searching I became aware that I was extremely self-critical and full of self-hatred. I am winding my way out of that bumpy, twisted road. I have let go of a lot of old thought patterns and I have seen great improvements.

Intuition still said ‘keep looking’
Last December, fourteen months after my cancer diagnosis, I followed a friend’s recommendation to have an Infrared Thermography Scan. I wanted to confirm that the cancer was completely gone. I decided on a half-body scan rather than just a breast scan and I am glad I did. The cancerous area was once again healthy. However, things were not as they should have been.

The scan showed I had an infection in my left jaw, along the same Chinese energy meridian that also goes directly through my left breast. Valerie Zumbusch, who conducted the scan, shared with me that research done using the Infrared Thermography has found that 100 percent of people who have breast cancer also have an undetected jaw or tooth infection.

I celebrated being cancer-free and savored all of the things I did to get here. I really appreciate how this journey has deepened the quality of my life, both physically and spiritually. My new lifestyle will continue to include the nutritional changes, relationship changes, and deep listening to my inner voice, which leads me to my best Self.

Next, I knew I needed to focus my attention on clearing the jaw infection. Since then my energy has now rebounded even more, even though I recently discovered that the swelling in my finger joints is also an infection. I am using a simple non-invasive approach — placing raw potato pieces over the joints and taping them in place overnight. The infection is coming out through the skin. My fingers feel better than they have in months, even years!

Where will I go from here?
Facing cancer has given me the courage and strength to embrace my life with greater self-appreciation and self-love. The body is capable of healing itself. Personally, I highly recommend that anyone facing cancer have an Infrared Thermography Scan to see if there are other contributing factors to their body’s health challenge.

Claiming my life from cancer and infection truly has been transformational. My greatest learning is through spiritual growth — I opened to the guidance of Spirit, listened deeply, and trusted it. So, where will I go from here? My next adventure is living my life in the fullness of the present moment and letting joy lead me to my next experiences.



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