To get more out of Life, Learn how to Focus Your Passions


joy_skyTHERE’S AN OLD saying: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Imagine what your days would be like if you felt this level of passion and excitement about not just your career, but every other area of your life.

Passion is an energy source, and your most powerful fuel for success. It moves things to happen. How do we measure its intensity? What are the words around it? The process for harnessing your passion, and becoming more excited about and engaged in every aspect of your life, begins with understanding what drives you to do what you do. Once we can put words to what drives us, it opens us to a whole new catalyst for communications and personal growth.

I remind people that to find success, they should first focus on defining their passions, then determine a vision and an action process to take advantage of what they’ve learned about themselves. This isn’t career guidance, although certainly your career and bank account will benefit as you learn to add value to yourself and your business. The profits of passion extend to every area of your life including your health and relationships.

Most highly successful people seem to emanate a burning passion and drive. They seem at total ease with who they are. How did they get there? At some point, most of us have asked ourselves what we should do with our lives, our work and our relationships. You need to know who you are before you know what to do. The best clues for where you want to go in your life can be found in understanding your greatest gifts.

The journey is different for each of us. There is no one else like you. Identifying your core passions gives you the words to articulate who you are and what makes you unique. You begin to understand what career or leisure areas you might want to explore. Your focused passion becomes your vision. When you unleash a burning desire, that becomes your energy. The expressed passion is what you plan to do about it all.

Your greatest gift is also your greatest challenge. The very thing that makes us so good can also be our greatest stumbling block when we are out of balance. In my work with companies and individuals, it has become clear that once we are aware of what keeps us in balance, and what throws us out of balance, then we are able to see many ways to achieve our goals. Awareness is so vital to success in life.

For example, someone who has the passion for “partnership” has a great gift for understanding others. This is someone who wants to work with others, the peacemaker who creates harmony and flow. It’s a wonderful gift! The challenge faced by people who have the innate passion of “partnership” is that they don’t like conflicts, and will go to great lengths to avoid them. They won’t always say what they need because they are trying to keep the peace. They lose themselves because they are so focused on making others happy. The good mediator can become unfulfilled and unhappy.

Or, perhaps an individual has the strong passion for “creativity.” This is someone who has the gift of putting things together in new and different ways. People with the innate passion of “creativity” love exploring different possibilities. Their challenge is actually needing to focus. They have trouble picking one of those possibilities and finishing it! These are the people who are easily distracted. They find it hard to stay in the present. You know the ones…they forget where they parked their cars or they are always losing their keys. Their greatest gift becomes their greatest challenge.

Once you understand your passions, what’s next? True, it’s very nice to know what drives you. But if these are your greatest gifts, what should you do with them? If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. Unfortunately, this is all too common. There are a lot of busy, unfulfilled people who don’t know where they are going. But you can rise above them. How?

Learn how to apply this knowledge. Focus your passion and use it to create a vision for your life. You’ll begin to answer your inner questions about who you are and what you want. The clearer you are about your vision, the easier it will be to know where to start to make positive changes. When you learn to focus and express your passions, you will create measurable results. You’ll look at your job, career and relationships differently. You’ll begin to draw on what drives you from within.

If you are feeling at a crossroads in any area of your life — unfulfilled and out of balance — knowing your passions will help to unlock what inspires you. The lesson to be learned is how to stay on task despite obstacles. Once you become aware of the inner passions that drive you, you can begin to capitalize on them for the outcomes you most desire. You will learn how to look at your job and your life differently. You’ll be much more productive when you understand which passion energies to access to become engaged in the task at hand.

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Lori Palm
is the CEO of Core Passion Inc. A life-long entrepreneur, Lori is a modern-day muse inspiring passion, purpose, and possibilities to fuel success for individuals, business owners, and organizations. She sees the unseen opportunities everywhere. She is the creator of the Core Passion® Assessment, a unique validated, on-line self-assessment that discovers the inner forces that drive us and converts that discovery into measurable results. Lori guides people/businesses to discover and ignite their passion and develop plans that turn burning desire into gold.


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