Living in Balance


LIVING IN BALANCE is one of my favorite topics. I see Balance as not only the pathway, but the very Expression of Joy. Balance signifies living from Wholeness, Connection. All these terms are names for our God Self Awareness (that’s why I capitalize these names). From that Awareness, what else could we be but Joy and Balance?
I see an interesting paradox here, too. In a dualistic world, I’m sure we see Joy and Balance as opposites. I see these spiritual qualities as twins. They are inseparable.
An absolute key to this Understanding is that we are aware that we live in a benevolent Universe. We are Expressions of a benevolent Universe. Everything is working together for our very highest, holiest Good. Nothing is meant to be taken personally. Nothing is meant to be a punishment. Everything is meant to be simultaneously a blessing and a lesson. That’s what Benevolence is. From Awareness we understand that, because we know who we are!
My two favorite words come into play here: Faith and Confidence. The Latin root word for Confidence is con fide, meaning with Faith. These two words explicitly mean that we know who we are: God Incarnate, God Embodied. Again, from this Awareness, what else could we be but Joy and Balance? I’ve been consciously cultivating this Awareness all my Life. It is the heart and soul of who I AM to live from this Consciousness. It is my Purpose.

Every time I get triggered by pain or negativity, it tells me I need to breathe and come to center. Come to the present. Come to Presence. Realize I am living in unfinished business. Truly ask myself: What is the lesson? What is the blessing? I use this process in some form every time to get myself all the way through these situations.

I truly know with all my heart I live in a benevolent Universe. I am God Incarnate. It is my journey to live this Reality from Fullness. This journey keeps me in Joy and Balance.  I love my Life. I love who I AM. I am here to share this Joy and Balance with everyone!

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Cathy Combs
Cathy Combs is a freelance writer and workshop architect specializing in personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. She lives in Kansas City, MO.


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