The Secret to Being in Balance


feminine-balanceWHAT I HAVE found in my experience, and offer to others as a model, is that the true secret to living in balance is the recognition of the powerful center within. When we “try” to create more balance in our lives, often this is simply a reaction to a sense of being out of balance in the first place. New Year’s resolutions are often filled with a despair that arises from this disconnection from one’s true core. Top-down remedies (more meditation, a new spiritual path) or bottom-up remedies (move to a new part of the world, find a new job/partner) are doomed to failure.

Discovering one’s radiant energetic center, on the other hand, opens our heart to embrace the beautiful dance of life, within and without. We come to see, feel and understand energetically how the universe, this world and our own being is always naturally seeking balance. Our job, then, once we recognize and understand this natural flow, is simply to allow, and enjoy living!

In general, I can say that any mind-centered attempt to find balance in the world or in one’s life is impossible, simply in that the mind itself is but an aspect of our being. In our modern culture, this masculine aspect has been overly developed and worshipped, creating an imbalance within most. My life’s journey has taught me about the deep value of my feminine, soul-centered beingness. By deepening and strengthening my relationship with my feminine soul, I have found that my masculine intellect is no longer problematic.

When our energetic system is properly aligned, the feminine soul leads our way. This is the root understanding of the directive “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven in all that you do.” Our divine feminine is this kingdom, deeply peaceful, rooted in stillness. When I learned to walk in the world with “one foot in eternity,” all mental fear-based illusions melted away. Our eternal reality, this kingdom of heaven within, becomes the epicenter of our lives, and then naturally we learn to live a life “whole, happy, and free.”

Seeking balance, or harmony, or happiness, or freedom can never work, since the very essence of seeking something is the affirmation that you don’t already have it. Our very nature, our true essence, is balance. If we allow the balance and harmony of our essence to radiate into our day-to-day living, it is a guarantee. Universal law, the essence of all life, will prevail, so long as we don’t run interference patterns. The standard interference pattern in our culture is “over thinking,” placing too much of our trust in our mind, our beliefs, our conditioning, losing contact with a deeper authority.

It is difficult for me today to spend much time at all on “problems.” If we address any situation, like our internal sense of being out of balance, as a problem needing to be fixed, we have already become lost. This is the way our mind is conditioned, and those under the influence of this cultural conditioning are forever running to one potential solution or another, like sandpipers on the beach, efforting, feeling anxious or depressed, and doomed to failure.

There is another way, but it is a “road less traveled.” In time, we will each experience a dramatic “revolution” in which we discover, acknowledge and finally become willing to escape the mental conditioning of a culture in collapse. A new earth is awaiting those daring enough to join this revolution, this new earth arising from the awakened awareness of the inner kingdom. It is a promise of our evolutionary brilliance, some individually, but ultimately, all collectively, that we will birth this new earth. And here we will each know balance and harmony, and we will live as One.

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