Tending to the Light Within


light-beingTWO WINTERS AGO, I taught a weekly one-hour Spanish class with approximately 15 children grades K-4. On the third or fourth day, my supervisor sat in on a class. I was a nervous wreck, both preparing for the class and during the class. Having no prior teaching background or training in education, my classroom management abilities needed some fine tuning and I was especially self-critical that day with her presence. It was one of the longest hours of my life.

I returned home from class that day stressed, feeling nervous about my performance and the feedback I would receive, assuming it would be negative. This intense ride of emotions wasn’t the last of it. I typically don’t experience much physical pain, but on this occasion I felt a great deal of pain in my low back, so I put my hands on that area and started massaging. Immediately, I began to cry like a child, wailing, with no conscious thought in mind.

When I stopped massaging, I stopped crying. When I massaged again, I wailed again. I knew that I was having an emotional release and couldn’t believe that I sparked it with my own two hands. This went on until I fell asleep in the process. Later on, when I awoke, I tried continuing the process, because I knew more release needed to happen. It became very clear, however, that I wasn’t ready for more…until a few months ago during a week-long dog sitting gig.

It seemed like I was on a nature retreat, the forest right outside with an abundance of wildlife. At one point, I felt pain in my chest, the seat of the heart chakra. I could feel pain actually on my sternum bone and in the tissue. As before, I began massaging out the pain with intent to heal whatever it was, crying again without a thought in mind. The next morning, I woke up and noticed that the area I had massaged was now irritated with tiny, pin-sized red bumps. Knowing that healing responses can reveal themselves with physical manifestations on our bodies, I was surprised by the fact that I had another emotional release, but this time accompanied with a physical response. The bumps lasted for about a week and became itchy as they healed. The pain in my tissues lasted for about a week, too, while the pain on my sternum bone lasted for two weeks.

Right around the time the pain was subsiding, I fulfilled a year-old promise to myself to see an acupuncturist/healer here in the Twin Cities whom three close friends of mine recommended based on their experiences with her. She asked me if there was anything I wanted to focus on and I told her my heart chakra. So she placed the pin-sized needles where she saw fit at various points on my body, one of them sitting above my sternum where I still felt some pain. Once she finished putting the needles in, she placed two gemstones on the center of my chest: a rose quartz and a labradorite.

Throughout the session I lay there, anxious, finding it difficult to relax. I had a hard time silencing the mental chatter. Eventually, she returned to the room and asked me how it went.

“Pretty good,” I responded nervously with a smile. She picked up the rose quartz and the labradorite and was surprised to feel how hot they were. I felt them and instantly knew that something had taken place. Forces beyond my awareness were indeed at work during the session. Despite knowing this, I left the session feeling the same as when I had walked in, although a little more relaxed, and I continued on with my to-do list.

It has been almost two months since the healing session with this incredible woman and I’ve noticed great shifts in my being, all of them related to the healing properties from the gemstones used in the session: unconditional love, clarity, healing/clearing blockages, transformation and balance. I can feel the difference. I feel activated, focused and ready to pursue my passions without hesitation or fear. I’m ready to awaken, cultivate and nurture my gifts and talents.

As I live life increasingly in alignment with my purpose on this planet, healing my wounds and feeding the fire within, I feel more alive than ever and am determined to continue this ever-evolving process of realizing my fullest potential while encouraging others to do the same.

When our own light is shining bright, we inevitably brighten the light of those around us and thereby illuminate all life on Earth…so find your light and shine it bright!

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Jennifer Vogel is a self-employed dog sitter who previously worked for Conscious Media Network. With proud roots from the Driftless region of the state, she identifies as being a light worker, enlightening others on topics related to healthy eating, spirituality and consciousness. Jennifer also sees herself as an activator, encouraging individuals to look within and discover what truly makes them happy, even if it means making life-altering changes in their lives.


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