The Path of Souls: An Interview with William Henry


YOU MAY HAVE explored the arcane symbolism in The Da Vinci Code and other Dan Brown novels, but how often do you get to meet someone whose life journey involves studying religious myths and symbols and translating ancient information for spiritual seekers today? William Henry — author, investigative mythologist and host of “Revelations” radio — will return to the Twin Cities October 11-12 to present his latest findings during a lecture and full-day workshop at Spirit United Church.

“The Path of Souls: Journey to Ascension,” a soul empowerment workshop, will help people understand the importance of focusing on developing their light body or “future self,” and among other things, Henry will discuss “the rainbow body,” stargate metaphysics and the new human. The events cost $30 for the Friday lecture, $175 for the Saturday workshop, $195 by September 1 for both lecture and workshop and $225 for lecture and workshop after September 1. To register, contact Anita Collodoro at 952.221.6372 or email [email protected].

Henry is the author of 17 books, including his latest, The Judgment Day Device, a fully illustrated text that explores the Ark of the Covenant, the ascension of Jesus Christ and secrets left behind by ancient metaphysicians to assist in the transformation of 21st century humans.

He spoke with The Edge by phone from his home in Nashville to share insight and assist us in understanding the evolution of consciousness.

For the uninitiated, share a little bit about you, who you are and your life’s purpose and passion.
William Henry:
I’m a researcher and an author. I call myself an investigative mythologist. I love ancient myths and legends, especially about human transformation into advanced being, maybe even like the gods of the old world systems where they were thought of as celestial beings.

I have been researching in this area since 1982. I had moved from Detroit to Nashville to go to college. I went to a small Southern Baptist college here in Nashville, and the reason I went there is because they had an Entertainment Music Business degree. I had planned to become an entertainment lawyer, get in the music business and all that sort of thing.

Because it was a Baptist school, the catch was you had to take Bible study classes, and I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious or even really spiritual family, and I knew very little about the Bible. It happened that during my sophomore year a professor assigned us to review a book whose implications would impact Christianity. I hiked off to the bookstore and there was this brand new book called, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Some of your readers will be familiar with that book. That is the book that inspired The Da Vinci Code, one of the greatest selling fiction books certainly of all time.

For Dan Brown’s readers, like it had for me, this idea of a lost or secret teaching of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and maybe this idea that they were married just has a power pack to it — and it launched me on this quest to pursue with the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail to describe as the true religion of Jesus, rather than the church’s descriptive story about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They are two completely different things.

I ended up writing 17 books in and around the subject since then and presented numerous DVD presentations, and now appear on “Ancient Aliens” and other TV shows talking about these subjects.

How do you describe who you are now having gone through all the research and the writing of those 17 books? I imagine you are a totally different person.
Well, I think what it started for me, which I think is kind of true of the ancient mystery schools, is that it has made me less fearful. I am very excited about my continuing evolution as a Divine spark or a soul, and believe that the afterlife realm now is, in fact, knowable, navigable. In fact, you can prepare for your next step or your next adventure, and that gives me a tremendous sense of peace, something I didn’t have when I started this. It surprised me that that’s where this whole quest ultimately led.
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