What is the ‘Alien Agenda?’


alienThird of a four-part series

IN EARLIER ARTICLES of this series, we discussed some of the experiences of alien abduction. What is it and what it is not? What are its effects on the experiencer? But what actually goes on during an alien abduction? What seems to be happening — and why? What are the aliens up to?

Last month, I described the case of “Evelyn,” an experiencer I featured heavily in my book, The Cosmic Bridge. During many hours of interviews and hypnosis work, we succeeded in reducing the fear, and eventually a narrative emerged of her many experiences in the phenomenal (alien) realm.

During the specific event that had most frightened her, she suddenly felt herself being floated out of her bed, guided by several small aliens. They floated her out through the solid wall of her house and into a waiting UFO. She found herself in a medical-appearing examining room, lying on a table surrounded by alien beings. The beings were short, gray, hairless with big heads, large black eyes, tiny mouths and diminutive bodies — the typical description of beings known as the grays.

Typical of many abduction encounters, the grays conducted some type of medical examination. In Evelyn’s case, and in the case of so many other experiencers, I see the medical examination being the core of the close encounter experience. In an overriding majority of these cases, the examination seems focused on human sexuality and reproduction. Male abductees often describe analogous procedures where semen is extracted. Female experiencers describe analogous experiences involving an apparent ovum extraction — a large needle placed through their navel, apparently to harvest one or more of their eggs.

Sometime later, during a subsequent abduction, the female experiencer undergoes a procedure involving apparent placement of “something” within her. Within a few days of the encounter, she begins to develop signs of being pregnant (in many cases the experiencer was not in a relationship and/or had not been sexually active).

A few months later, just as the pregnancy is proceeding, a second abduction occurs. For many female experiencers this is particularly traumatic — when taken aboard the UFO, the woman experiences the fetus being removed from within her. I often hear heart-rending cries of “They’ve taken my baby!” at that moment in the hypnotic regression.

A year or two later, the experiencer is again abducted. This time, she is taken to a place within the alien realm that looks like a nursery, often where a number of children are present. The aliens show her a small child — often with long thin hair and alien-like eyes. They tell the abductee the child is hers. The child looks too frail to survive in the human world, but appears to be part of a community of partially human hybrid children. It is not clear what the fate of these children is, but the emotional impact on the experiencer is devastating. Somewhere among the stars is her child….

What are the aliens doing, and why? Who are these star children? Are aliens creating a population of hybrid human beings somewhere out there? Or is there another purpose to this endeavor? Could the population of these hybrid beings simply be a step in developing genetic changes that could be incorporated back into the overall human population?

As I interview experiencers, I often learn of a family lineage of extraordinary abilities and experiences. Grandmother, to mother, to daughter, much of it appears to extend down the maternal family line. While by no means universal, this maternal link between generations seems to be common. And in the present generation of experiencer families, a large portion of children seem gifted, with strong psychic abilities, deeply empathic and other characteristics we describe as Indigo children.

Is the population of Indigo children related to the population of UFO encounter experiencers? For the moment, let’s just say the answer is “perhaps,” and ask what this might imply. Why would “they” seek to push humanity to a new level? What would their motivation be?

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see why “they” might want to change humanity. Looking at the state of humanity from the point of view of some cosmic civilization, we probably don’t look too pretty. Simply put, our greatest endeavor is war — and we’ve gotten very good at it. At the same time humanity has made rapid advances in space flight. Indeed, physics is advancing rapidly enough that within a few hundred years we could well have the capability to travel to the stars. From the alien perspective, this will be long before we are civilized/enlightened enough to be good cosmic citizens. From their point of view, we are probably a source of worry.

Coincidentally, the UFO and the alien abduction phenomenon grew tremendously shortly after the end of World War II, when both rocket and nuclear technology advanced by decades in only a few short years. Could this be the reason “they” have more urgency to their project? There is much more we could say about this, but perhaps, we could think of the hybridization program as an effort to incorporate changes to the human gene pool, resulting in the advanced children we now see. Perhaps this is some form of “Human Improvement Project” (at least from an alien perspective).

What is the relationship between these advanced children and the close encounter phenomenon? Might this be at least one purpose of the close encounter phenomenon? Or is the apparent association of these two populations — Indigos and Experiencers — merely coincidence? This would be an excellent for future research. It would give us a major clue to some of the biggest questions: What is the purpose behind alien abduction and what is the Alien Agenda?

Next month: The series concludes with “Does the government matter?” What role does the government have in alien abduction and why it really doesn’t have much of a say in what’s going on.

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Craig R. Lang
Craig R. Lang is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is the owner of Explore with Hypnosis, and conducts hypnotherapy at his office in Coon Rapids, MN. In addition to hypnotherapy, he is the Minnesota state director for the Mutual UFO Network, which researches UFO sightings, anomaly reports and close encounters worldwide. He has published articles in the MUFON UFO Journal, the CUFOS International UFO Reporter, The Edge, and many other publications. He is the author of two books on UFOs, The Cosmic Bridge, Close Encounters and Human Destiny, and The Other Side of the Sky, The Cosmic Bridge Companion, exploring the enigma of UFOs, science and the paranormal. Visit www.exploreWithHypnosisMN.com or www.theCosmicBridge.com.


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