Alien Abduction and Contact: Why the Government doesn’t Matter



IN FIFTEEN YEARS OF WORKING with UFO-encounter experiencers, I’ve lost count of the times people have asked me, “How does the government fit into all of this?” Yet, the question is legitimate, encapsulating the $64,000 question: How do human authorities react to an alien presence beyond their control — and even their understanding?

At the same time, I hear experiencers describe encounters with both alien beings and human military personnel. What is the relationship between them? Are they working together or do they oppose each other? Or is there a completely different dynamic at work here?

In my last article, I talked about the experiences of “Evelyn,” whom I describe in my book, The Cosmic Bridge. I described the initial stages of an encounter in which she was floated out of her bed and into a UFO. She was left with intense fear, and only after considerable hypnotherapy work were we able to begin regression. After being taken into the UFO, one of Evelyn’s next memories was of walking down a hallway, accompanied by several grays. Through a transparent panel, she observed a number of both aliens and humans. Some of the humans appeared to be high-ranking military officers. She was compelled to walk down this hall in front them as if being reviewed.

Was Evelyn actually being observed as part of a joint military/alien project? I don’t know. But Evelyn’s account is similar to quite a few others that depict both aliens and human military figures present in the alien realm. If we assume that Evelyn’s experiences were not illusory and that the military personnel she observed were exactly that, we are left with tremendous questions. What is the relationship between the military and the phenomenon? Is the military somehow working with aliens, and if so, why?

I suspect the answer may be complex beyond understanding, and yet also quite simple. Perhaps viewing the problem from the point of view of military thinkers might yield a new perspective.

It’s the job of a nation’s military to protect that nation’s security from threats by others — whatever they may be. Looking back over the last 60 years or so, we have seen a rapidly growing visitor presence in our skies, beyond the reach of our military. Furthermore, we have evidence that this phenomenon is kidnapping our citizens and conducting experiments on them in ways we don’t even begin to understand. Given that the military’s job is to protect its citizens, how do you think they would react?

Earlier, I offered some ideas of why the visitors might be here. Given our warlike nature, and viewing our world from the perspective of “us versus them,” what would one conclude? Now imagine our warlike species being able to carry weapons to the stars. If you were our cosmic neighbors, what would you do?

In my book, The Cosmic Bridge, I offer the hypothesis that the visitors are conducting what amounts to a “Human Improvement Project” (improvement, at least from their perspective). While there are probably multiple alien agendas, I suggest one key purpose behind the visitor presence is to somehow modify humanity, “civilizing” us in preparation for the day when we begin to venture out into the stars.

During the 1940s and ’50s, both the U.S. and the Russian air forces had a shoot-to-kill order. The result was the brutal realization that alien abilities are far beyond our own. If they wanted to, the visitors could have destroyed us long ago. Yet, they didn’t — but they did learn that humans are dangerous. They can’t be trusted, especially their leaders.

Rather than landing on the White House lawn, contact appears to be occurring from the bottom up, one experiencer at a time. This process is occurring in our very midst. The visitors come and go at will, with governments powerless to stop them. Human authorities have no say or control; they are non-players in the contact drama.

Yet, from the point of view of governments, their job is to enforce law and order, protect their citizens and control their territory. To them, the idea of something alien abducting and potentially harming our citizens is unacceptable. We can imagine that there MUST be some kind of effort to reach technological or military parity with “them.”

Given the unique strangeness of close encounters, the hyper-advanced visitor technology and the apparent metaphysical and psychic nature of the phenomenon, where would governments even begin? One way might be by direct observation, covert surveillance and interference in the lives of abduction experiencers? Furthermore, while the government/military can’t control the phenomenon, it can do the next best thing: control the people involved.

Many UFO encounter experiencers I have worked with also describe encounters with menacing human military figures. These figures appear to stalk and monitor experiencers, sometimes re-abducting them following their alien encounter. Literature contains many cases of apparent abductions by members of the military. In many of these cases, the abductors seem to be trying to discover the reality behind the experiencer’s interactions with the visitors.

I suspect authorities throughout the world are all somehow trying to deal with the phenomenon. For better or for worse, they are simply trying to do their jobs. Yet, contact goes on at the individual level and governments have little say in that process. So the answer to the question of what is the government and military’s role in alien contact, I might just have a very simple answer: None. In spite of their desire to be players in the game, I suspect that, ultimately, the government doesn’t matter.

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Craig R. Lang
Craig R. Lang is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is the owner of Explore with Hypnosis, and conducts hypnotherapy at his office in Coon Rapids, MN. In addition to hypnotherapy, he is the Minnesota state director for the Mutual UFO Network, which researches UFO sightings, anomaly reports and close encounters worldwide. He has published articles in the MUFON UFO Journal, the CUFOS International UFO Reporter, The Edge, and many other publications. He is the author of two books on UFOs, The Cosmic Bridge, Close Encounters and Human Destiny, and The Other Side of the Sky, The Cosmic Bridge Companion, exploring the enigma of UFOs, science and the paranormal. Visit or


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