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johnson“WHAT’S GOING ON IN HERE?” Luke asked as I let him into my apartment and he noticed the lights were all off, blinds were drawn closed on this perfect sunny day, and my younger daughter, Karina, then 7 years old, was curled up on the recliner covering her head.

“Karina can’t handle the slightest light or noise,” I whispered. “She has been vomiting and unable to eat for almost 48 hours.”

Luke whispered, “I can do a BodyTalk session for her.”

Luke had been completing his requirements to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, which included documenting a certain number of BodyTalk practice sessions before sitting before an instructor for the written and practical certification exam. The BodyTalk System is an energy based modality that involves a subtle form of kinesiology based muscle testing, light touch, and gentle tapping to communicate with the innate wisdom of the body to stimulate the body-mind to heal itself at all levels. It is based on the premise that a body that can talk to itself can heal itself — and quite efficiently.

“BodyTalk can help migraines, too?”

So far, I had seen Luke use BodyTalk to help other friends of mine with back pain, a stomach ache, a mystery rash, and insomnia — each with successful results after just a single 30-minute or so session.

Karina did not want anybody tapping on her directly, but she agreed to allow Luke to use me as a surrogate. So, I reclined and Luke used my wrist to establish a “yes/no” biofeedback response to locate the exact priority areas of Karina’s body-mind, whose communication breakdown represented an underlying causative factor in her dis-ease.

For each “link” to a priority area, he would hold (or have me hold), while he tapped over “my” head and heart. Like other sessions, Luke kept repeating this pattern of muscle testing, holding the revealed “links” and tapping until innate testing revealed “no more priorities” needed to be linked up. Luke was at our home for maybe 45 minutes before he walked out saying, “I hope the benefits kick in soon.”

Within five minutes, Karina stood up, pranced happily to the kitchen, fixed herself a bowl of yogurt, and ate it. Within five more minutes, she had changed clothes and was laughing outside while swinging herself across the monkey bars on the playground outside our apartment. I snapped a picture with my phone and texted it to Luke, along with the words, “Thank you!”

He texted back, “Isn’t BodyTalk amazing?!”

Within one year of this summer day in 2011, I had already taken my first four-day BodyTalk intensive class (BodyTalk Fundamentals), and I was already documenting amazing results from my own practice sessions in Sioux Falls. Luke had opened a BodyTalk business called Moksha Healing in Rapid City, S.D.

In February 2013, I became the ninth person in South Dakota to become certified as a practitioner through the International BodyTalk Association — and the first to open a practice in Sioux Falls. I named it “Awaken BodyTalk.”

With the results I see every day, it is no wonder to me how the BodyTalk System has already been translated into a dozen languages and is being practiced in nearly 50 countries since its inception in Australia in the mid-1990s. BodyTalk has awakened within me a true paradigm shift regarding what is possible, what healing even is, and why we are here.

Also referred to as the “Language of Health,” BodyTalk was founded by Dr. John Veltheim, an acupuncturist, chiropractor, and Reiki Master. Visit to learn more and to find nearby classes or practitioners.

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