Does Energy Healing Really Work?


EisenONE OF THE MOST-ASKED QUESTIONS by people who want a change in their life, whether it is for emotional, physical, spiritual or abundance challenges they are facing, is: “Does energy healing really work?” If you ask any energy healing practitioner, the answer is invariably, “Yes.”

We see results every day in our practice. Sometimes it provides life-altering changes that are subtle, taking a few weeks before noticing that something in your life is different — you’re different. Perhaps it is how you feel physically or how you emotionally react to certain situations differently, more at peace, stronger, lighter or more accepting. Many times changes are immediate and your life is radically shifted forever.

We all have our theories as to why and how energy healing works, and there is “evidence” that it works based on the testimonials of millions of people who have experienced it. But like most good theories, repeated use of these modalities allows us to come up with a conclusion. Most energy healers are neither scientists nor medical doctors, but we believe based on our results. Unfortunately, science doesn’t like things it can’t explain, so anecdotal results usually are disregarded — or called “a miracle,” which doesn’t need to be explained.

My theory, as just a regular person and energy healer, is that the thousands of energy healing modalities all work. Some say it’s the “process” itself that contributes to success. I believe the process is just how the healer chooses to open a pathway to healing for their client. It is the loving intent of the healer — and the inherent willingness of the individual soul to shift — that provides the perfect combination to open the pathway to healing. It is love bringing you back to the well-being and love that you are. And love is some powerful energy.

When energy healers say their particular process is the best, what they really mean is that what they have chosen to do is what works best for them, and therefore, their clients. There is no one way; there is only a way that is preferred. What works for you is what you resonate with when choosing an energy healing practitioner.

Let’s take a look at what’s really happening. Everything is energy, and you may agree with that in your mind to some degree. Perhaps you even repeat those words often to others. But rarely do we look at the energy — or better yet, the emotional energy — behind our personal challenges. If you really take those words in, you may discover that it is the most paramount realization you could have — affecting your life, body, mind and abundance. When something is out of whack in your life, look at the quality of the energy surrounding it.

From my experience with hundreds of clients, the emotional energy sets the stage for most people’s challenges — and physical outcomes, as well. For example, when I was in a back brace and had medical “proof” that there was a reason for me to have terrible back pain, I chose to examine what was emotionally going on in my life. I used my favorite energy healing process on myself and the pain left immediately and has never returned after all these years. I literally felt the energy of the pain flow out of my body and then my back corrected itself. It was amazing.

I began my energy healing practice as a spiritual hands-on healer, and now, after becoming certified in a multitude of different energy modalities, I have settled on what works best and rapidly for me and my clients and what I enjoy using the most — EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques®. It is a combination of all that I’ve learned and experienced under a single label, yet it’s actually an experiential energy healing process that gives us results.

In the end, the only thing that matters are the results and the willingness of the individual person to release whatever you choose to call it — energy blocks, disruptions, emotions, stuck, pain, or “stuff,” because they are all the same. It is energy. And, yes, energy can be shifted, changed or released pretty darn quickly.

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  1. Thanks Nick – I find it works so great with my clients (and myself ). Anyone wanting to get my FREE, no cost ‘EASY EFT – Quick Start Guide” can do so by going to and request the download. For any questions, please feel free to call me at (612) 802-HEAL (4325). Namaste’ Kim Eisen, Master of EFT and Life Breakthrough Coach


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