Energetic Medicine: The Future of Healing

woman-yogaI FIND THAT ALMOST ALL health problems have an energetic component. This is true even with infections, whether it be a parasite, yeast, viruses or bacteria. It is like a pristine stream that is flowing unobstructed, and the water is clean and pure. But if you dam it up, then all sorts of algae and bugs start mucking up the water. When we hold on to unresolved emotions or memories or conflicts, then our chakras or energy centers become out of balance, which in turn can create problems in the corresponding gland that is fed by that energy.

Twelve main acupuncture meridians are flowing with qi or life force energy. These are also imbalanced by emotions and over time can affect the corresponding organs.

Besides our physical body, we have finer energetic bodies: the astral or emotional body, the mental body and the etheric or spiritual body. We want these vessels to be pure and vibrating at a high level. And any energetic system that repairs and clears these chalices is really getting at the deeper root causes of problems.

There are many things people can do on their own to heal their energy bodies and chakras: devotion, prayer, meditation, mantras, affirmations, visualization, music, t’ai chi, yoga and qi gong are among them. When you combine some of these together, you get even better results. Saying an affirmation alone is good, but when you put the feeling into it, and when what you are saying is true, and when you are visualizing the outcome you desire and praying that a higher power gives you the energy, then you are really changing your reality. You can say something like “I AM healing all my vessels of blockages and negativity and filling them with Light!”

Nature itself, which gets its energy from the sun, is a source of much of the energy we need for healing. We also can get energy from the sun, the earth, the stars, pets, trees or bodies of water. Walking barefoot on the earth is a good way to receive the energy of the earth into our bodies.

Of course, many healers have other modalities for healing at an energetic levels. There are crystals and aromatherapy, hands-on healing, Reiki, acupressure, EFT, among others. I tend to use homeopathy and flower essences and acupuncture as some modalities that get great results. Homeopathics are vibrational remedies made from natural substances. They are like dropping a stone in a pond to create waves and vibrational patterns to help us change our entrenched dysfunctional habits. When you change the vibration, you change the consciousness.

Most people don’t consider cooking as energy healing, but in reality, it is an alchemical process. Foods themselves have energy. Leafy greens, like kale or collards, grow upwards, so they are good at healing the upper body, such as the heart and lungs. Round veggies that grow on the surface of the ground, like winter squash or cabbage, are good for middle organs like the stomach and pancreas and liver. The root veggies, like carrots or turnips, send energy downward, so they can help the kidney, bladder or sexual organs.

Then there is the cooking of food. Baking and pressure cooking are more yang, and drive the energy inwards. Steaming and boiling are more yin and bring the energy upward and outward. The five flavors of foods also have an energetic effect on the organs. Sour stimulates the liver/gallbladder, sweet flavor the stomach/pancreas, salty the kidney/bladder, spicy or pungent the lung/large intestine, and bitter the heart/small intestine.

Even our so-called “physical” body is really more of a hologram. It is made of vibrating particles that are charges of energy. Most people see a change in their health and happiness when they apply energetic healing to their life.



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