Energy Healing: The Ultimate Tool for Protection and Manifestation


dassierWHEN WE EXPERIENCE unpleasant or painful experiences in our lives, society teaches us to look outside ourselves for the cause. We are urged to find who or what is to blame for our plight, and then find a way to keep them out of our lives for good.

But what if the cause of our problems doesn’t come from out there, but comes from within us?

I recently received a call from a frantic woman who feared there was a negative entity within her home. She said she and her children did not feel comfortable in her new apartment, and she even thought her new boyfriend’s behavior was somehow being affected by an unseen force in her new residence. She explained that he had begun displaying the same abusive behaviors her ex- husband had. She said she had felt uncomfortable in her last residence, and miserable in her marriage.  She had hoped that after getting a divorce and moving to a new home her problems would end. She was exasperated to find that all her troubles had simply followed her.  She asked me to come out and do a space clearing to remove any negative energy within her home.

While I believed that she was surrounded by dense energy, and that it was undoubtedly causing disharmony within her home and within her life, I had a very strong feeling that the source of the problem was within her. My guides showed me that her boyfriend mirrored her ex-husband’s behaviors — not because he was being manipulated by some unseen force, but because she had not cleared the patterns from the previous relationship. She had simply attracted a partner with similar issues.

In fact, she had many unsupportive core beliefs that led to repetitive, self-deprecating thoughts and behavior that attracted all sorts of unfriendly energies into her life — some human, and some from other dimensions. Since she was looking for the source outside of herself, she was unable to break the cycle. I explained that it would be more beneficial for her to receive a healing rather than a space clearing.

Unfortunately, I could not persuade her that self-healing was the answer to her problems (even though the cost for a healing was less than a space clearing). She simply wasn’t ready to look inward for the source of her troubles. All I could do was send her love and light.

We’ve all experienced the pain of our own mis-creations. Like many of you, I had a rough childhood, and subsequently struggled with an inferiority complex for much of my life. So, naturally I have attracted some people into my life who felt the need to put me down while raising themselves up. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Because each time I struggled with this unhealthy relationship pattern, I was offered an opportunity to honor and love myself more deeply, and every time I chose to do so, more loving relationships ensued.

What we experience outside of us is always indicative of what is happening within us, because we attract what we are, and what we believe. How we feel on all levels of our being (our consciousness) is projected out into our aura, and these are the vibrations we send out into the world. If our consciousness is filled with fear and self-loathing, then we will attract situations of the like, including entities/and or people who dishonor us.

So, truly, our ultimate protection and manifestation tool is to heal ourselves. As we work through the layers of trauma and pain, we transmute our fears into love — remembering all the while that healing is a journey, not a destination.

Know that each time you work through an old pattern, you bring in more joy, more peace and more love into your life. For each piece that we heal, we experience profound new levels of understanding and awareness that raises our entire vibration. Like attracts like. So, our new higher frequency naturally attracts people and situations that are a vibrational match, and the other things simply begin to fall away.

Energy healing (more specifically, chakra healing) has been the most effective tool I have found to create the life that I want and to “protect” myself from negativity. Chakra healing has helped me to recognize and heal myself from self-deprecating thoughts and behavior patterns. Since each chakra is connected to specific emotions and aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (or karmic) health, as well as organ systems, they allow us to easily discover the source of our disharmonies. It’s as if they hold the key to our subconscious mind. They connect us to the deepest layers within us, uncovering truths and guiding us down our healing path with grace and ease.

Don’t get me wrong. I carry crystals, wear essential oils, and recite daily invocations and prayers in order to protect myself. I also use affirmations, dream mapping, visualization and other tools to manifest my desires. But, the truth is that none of it would really work if I did not do my part to heal myself. My consciousness has to be a vibrational match to what I want to create.

Energy Healing doesn’t stop after your session. I also practice yoga, mudras, mantras, affirmations, meditation, exercise, self energy/chakra healings and work daily with the beloved angels and ascended masters. All these things help me to heal myself and attract more loving supportive experiences and people into my life. It’s a lot of work, but I couldn’t make it on this planet without these practices — that I am sure of.

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Nadine Dassier
Nadine Dassier is an innovative, heart-centered, visionary healer, teacher and speaker who is passionate about empowering and supporting others in their healing journey. Contact her at [email protected]. Visit


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