Energy Healing supports Our Whole Selves

woman_calmEACH OF US NOT ONLY has a physical body and a mind, but also a number of energetic bodies, or shells, around our physical body. These energetic bodies have been given many different names by the various spiritual traditions of the world. They support our mental and emotional states. Energy healing works on and with these energetic bodies, as well as with the physical body to heal trauma, and facilitate a person’s change and growth.

Energy healing can serve humanity in many wonderful ways. It can cure physically, heal emotionally, and elevate spiritually. It can add flow and ease to our lives, and facilitate our evolution by helping us to see more clearly who we are.

My focus here, though, is how to use energy healing to bring consciousness to the emotional issues that confront us, sometimes every day. These can include issues of self-worth, survival fears, or loneliness — basically anything that holds us back from being the person we want to be. A session with an energetic healer can transform our understanding of an emotional problem, making it easier for us to see it and ultimately resolve it in our lives.

We all have patterns or channels within us that spur automatic responses to certain situations. We started creating these patterns from early childhood. When our parents were angry, we picked up that energy and felt it deeply inside. Our brain tried to make sense of it, and filled in any blanks with guesses to create a meaningful story. That story might have been, “My parents are angry with me and don’t like me.” From then on, whenever we felt that energy signature, we reacted automatically with the negative story we told ourselves as a child. This unconscious piece is maintained in our energy fields — and even in the cells of our body.

When I am performing an energetic healing, I see places in a client’s energetic fields and body where these unconscious responses are manifested. They may present as areas of “stuck” or damaged energy, or places of poor energetic flow. Using various techniques involving sound, smells, my own energies and those of my angels and guides, I am able to repair “breaks” in the energy patterns, remove stuck pieces, restore flow to damaged areas, and erase undesirable cellular patterns in the body. The point of this kind of healing is to free a person from his or her unconscious, automatic responses to life situations — to actually make a person more conscious!

Clients may feel euphoric and renewed following a session, but their own role in the healing process is just beginning. The healing has put “light” or consciousness around the issue, so after a session clients may actually feel that their problems are worse, since it may be so much more “in their face.” Rather than indicating a failure of the healing, though, this highlighting actually helps people to notice those feelings when they come up, so they can be dealt with. In addition to the healing, I give simple techniques to help clients create new responses to the energies they are feeling. These techniques can be used to prevent old patterns from reasserting themselves, so the clients really can have a new life.

Emotional issues have many facets. Further healings go deeper and farther with the issue, exposing and lighting up these other facets. Clients should return for another healing when the issue shows up strongly; at that time, clients are more conscious and open to seeing other aspects of the problem. Once the feeling and the thoughts associated with that feeling are seen clearly, they can no longer keep a person trapped. Later healings serve to deepen our understanding of other aspects of the same problem, bringing them to light so they can be consciously addressed.

There are issues I have been carrying my whole life, that are now gone. It’s hard to even remember what some of them were. That is a powerful thing!



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