Feline Wisdom: Literary Muses


cat_restfulMY FIRST BOOK, whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, was released last month. It’s a cat humor book, a parody, to be exact. What would happen if our cats hijacked our computers and created posts and interacted with other felines on a craigslist-type site? Well, whiskerslist answers that question.

I’m not here to promote my book (although it would be great if you’d buy a copy or 12), I want to share with you how my cats were, and continue to be, such a huge support and inspiration to me throughout the entire process. If you share your life with a cat, I’m sure you’ll agree they’re the picture of unconditional love and support.

First, let me mention I wrote practically every page of the book with a cat in my lap. I’m sure they were trying to direct and edit my work, but mostly they just slept. Honestly, I think all my best writing is created with a cat in my lap. As I type this now, Phoebe is purring like crazy…on my lap.

My cats are incredibly funny. Many times their hijinks and quirks inspired the pages. These furry little muses are a constant source of entertainment, and they provide hours of smiles and laughter. That’s true for all cat lovers, but it just so happens their silly behavior also contributed to the book’s content. And there’s no shortage of photos of all three of them throughout the pages of whiskerslist.

Their lap-naps sometimes trapped me, preventing me from visiting the facilities or grabbing a snack, but how could I move the sleeping angels? What am I, a monster? No, I wait until me bladder’s about to pop or my growling stomach is overpowering my playlist. Then I move them. Although writing with a need for the bathroom and an empty stomach sounds awful, it really wasn’t all that terrible and didn’t happen very often. It did, however, keep me in my seat and writing when I might have otherwise wandered around the house, looking for a distraction. Also, I learned to keep snacks at my desk.

Although persistence is important, it’s also healthy to take breaks. Cats are the masters of taking breaks. They often nudge me to pull myself away from the computer and do something else. When I see them lounging in a sun puddle, I want nothing more than to wander over and lie beside them, soaking up some vitamin D and kitty love. I just have to balance break with work!

Now that the book is out and I’m getting ready for a release party tonight, followed by a busy month of signings and travel, my cats remind me to maintain balance and peace. This can be a challenge for me and I need all the nudges I can get. I’ve always been a high achiever and sometimes push myself a little too hard. My cats lie beside me and purr, looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes that don’t see anything but love and acceptance. This is a gift and a precious reminder that I am perfect just as I am.

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