Healing Energies: Constricting and Expanding


woman_grass_flowerHAVE YOU EVER ENCOUNTERED a wave of energy that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Or left a conversation with someone feeling energized? Sensing energy is part of our human experience. When we notice the energy in and around us, we are aware of what expands us and what contracts us. This gives us choice to reduce or eliminate circumstances that deplete or constrict our energy, and spend more time and attention with people and in places and activities that expand our energy.

Both of these choices, decreasing constricting energy and increasing expanding energy, contribute to continuously moving us towards every day alignment with our most authentic selves — personally, interpersonally and professionally.

Energetic alliance with expanding energy is healing. It keeps our mind, body, emotions and subtle bodies in balance and harmony, and opens us to the higher resonance and frequencies available in the interconnected web of all that is we call consciousness. There are a number of energetic healing techniques that can provide assistance in clearing dense or stuck energy and enhance or replenish life force energy. Some include Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Frequencies of Brilliance, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, massage, Shiatsu, breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique, reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

During transformational coaching sessions with my clients, we utilize healing energy, as well. We often practice guided imagery to ground, balance and relax our mind-body-heart by connecting with the supporting and nourishing energy of the earth, our higher selves and spirit. These energies flow through us and the sacred container of space and time we create. This energy supports us as we explore, expose and unblock limiting beliefs, self talk, patterns, fears and constrictions. The same flow also cultivates insights, intuition, passion, wisdom, gifts, strengths and expansion.

You can utilize these techniques in your own practice of self-healing and reflection:

  • Rest your attention on your breath.
  • Relax your body from head to toe.
  • Feel your heart, maybe by remembering someone you are grateful is in your life.
  • Feel the energy of the earth rise in your body through the base of your spine, your hands and feet and out the top of your head. Imagine the top of your head opening to the energy of your higher self and spirit. Feel the energy descending through your body and into the earth. I often see these energy paths as parallel strands similar to the configuration of DNA in a helix.
  • In this condition of flowing life force energy, bring a question you would like clarity on into your awareness. What does the solution feel like? What pictures arise? What words arise? Is there any fear or tightness around the issue? What expands the possibilities for a creative solution to reveal itself?
  • In this energetic state of balance and harmony with All That Is, feel your body-mind-heart. Are there any tight or painful areas? Are there places that are aching to expand, express or create? With your attention, direct this healing energy to soften, relax and open these spaces.

As your capacity and sensitivity to feel energies in and around you grows, notice the energy in your daily life. What depletes or nourishes you as you are making decisions, engaging in relationship, finding work-life balance, managing stress and contributing to the world at home, at work and in your community? Investing time, attention and awareness in decreasing constricting energy and increasing expanding energy in your life is a gift to yourself, and you are worth it!

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Michele Rae
Michele Rae, MA, NBC-HWC is a master transformational coach, founder of The Center Within, and author of Living from the "Center Within: Co-creating who you are becoming". She coaches individuals and groups and offers a variety of online recorded and in person courses. Michele provides guidance navigating the transformative shift we are individually and collectively engaged in as we expand our awareness and access higher consciousness. Michele’s varied experiences and training woven with her deep intuitive capacity accelerates and amplifies her client’s desires to manifest their full potential. Her passion is supporting individuals and service groups choosing timelines that have the most positive outcomes for themselves and the greater collective. She delights as clients and students step more fully into their power and release what no longer serves while creating a holistic life they love personally and professionally. Thank YOU for all you provide for me and our community!



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