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sklarA SOUND HEALING EXPERIENCE is highly subjective as the client quickly enters into a state of deep relaxation or trance. The vibrations have both calming and energizing effects, and they provide quick and effective reduction or relief of pain, discomfort and stress. Many sessions produce a beneficial trance, or dissociative state, in which cycles of physical and emotional suffering are disrupted, allowing body, mind and spirit to restore balance and facilitate the natural healing process. This aspect alone can provide great relief.

The sonic tools I use offer a wide range of physical, mental and energetic/spiritual effects. They work on the physical body in a similar way to massage, in that the sound waves have considerable intensity (from subtle Tibetan bowls to quite loud in the case of the gongs, with didgeridoos in between) in vibrating the body. The vibrations also affect the energetic systems.

Singing bowls, didgeridoos and gongs have very different qualities than musical instruments such as pianos, violins or clarinets. The latter instruments produce sounds that have comparatively simple tonal characteristics, played in sequences and combinations to create melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. The attention of the listener is drawn to the macro, exterior perceptions, the musical performance.

With my sound healing instruments, the sounds and effects are very different. Tibetan bowls and didgeridoos are poorly suited for popular musical forms, because they produce complex tones and textures with shifting, swelling and receding and morphing harmonics. Sounds aren’t arranged in patterns; instead, a single or few tones focus the attention. This is micro listening, and has the effect of drawing the listener in, leading the listener to inner channels of perception and exploration.

When this happens, one enters a pleasant trance or dissociated state. A trance is simply a narrowed focus of attention, and the bowls or didgeridoo can produce a very quick shift. Here, very deep work takes place.

There are three types of sound: external, internal and inner. The most familiar sounds are external, and include the sounds we hear through our ears, and to a lesser degree via our skin and tissue conduction. Internal sounds include those from digestion, the heartbeat, breathing, and even minute sounds produced by tiny sparks as signals leap between neurons. Inner sounds are altogether different, and don’t consist of physical waves of vibrations. These are sounds of the psyche, mental sounds. They may have emotional content, and may or may not produce physical effects.

Imagine the sound of thunder…the cry of a baby…the voice of a loved one. One “hears/feels” the sounds, even though they are not physically present.

These sounds have a profound effect on our perceptions, emotions and health — and many problems, physical, emotional, and mental can have roots in blockages formed by misuse of the inner sonic network.

When in pain or when we are stressed, we tend to repeat to ourselves that we are in pain or are worried. This serves as a form of negative self-hypnosis. It begins in our conscious mind via the ego, and then it often gets tuned-out. We send these messages to our body consciousness, and the various other portions of our psyches. This system, intended to maintain wellness is used instead to send the wrong directions. It’s a major source of physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

As with all experiences, perceptions, thoughts and beliefs, these are stored in our bodies. To remove unpleasant, or painful experiences, I may use visualizations accompanying the bowls. I guide the receiver on a journey of consciousness down into oneself, through the organs and down to the cellular level, then to the sub-cellular realms of molecules, atoms, to the level of the tiny, vibrating and bits of conscious energy that are the manifestation and expression of  All That Is.

From that perspective, we are mostly space with vast distances between the submicroscopic bits of energy and matter orbiting one another, like infinitesimally small solar systems. The sound of the bowls then blows through them like a warm, loving wind, sweeping away any pain, unpleasant  memories and fears, replacing them with positive, healing energy.

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Steve Sklar
Steve Sklar is a sound and shamanic healer, teacher, musician and throat-singer. He and his wife Johnna have a new CD, The Power of Sound Vol. 1. For information about Steve Sklar's healing practice, performances, recordings, workshops and more, please visit To learn about the playing the didgeridoo to help treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea, please visit


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