From the Editor: The Big Reveal – Sharing more of Who We Truly Are


woman-attitudeIT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN. You don’t have to be a student of metaphysics to acknowledge that this planet — and all of us who are along for the ride — are shifting. The climate is changing to a new normal. Almost overnight, the nation has shifted in support of gender equality, and it’s doing the same to end the prohibition of marijuana. The president of Iran is calling for peace among all nations. Catholic Pope Francis is urging the Church to stop obsessing over gays, abortion and contraception. A news broadcaster just the other night asked if we are experiencing “a change in tone.” Yes, we’re experiencing a dramatic change in vibration.

Metaphysicians say our bodies are quickening from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions, where love reigns supreme. Those in the know say human beings are joining our pets and the animal kingdom, the rest of the natural world and the galactic community in making this shift toward a more loving and telepathic existence.

What that means is hard to put into words, but what I sense is that this shift will move each of us into a stronger sense of our Self. We will sense a growing desire to share more of who we truly are with each other and begin to exist within a more intuitive way of being.

It’s about being “authentic” — and real — openly expressing your soul’s desire with the rest of humanity.

If the truth be told, we’re all unique, eccentric and creative — but all too often we’ve been programmed to act and look and be the same as everyone else, despite our cultural celebration of individuality.

Look no further than to our children to see beings who are innately authentic. Unfortunately, adults — consciously and unconsciously — try to strip that from them.

The real people already are all around us. They are the people you watch at gatherings and events who seem unrestrained, eager to take off their masks and do cartwheels and sing and dance in full view of everyone — and the universe.

When we see other people who have no qualms about being themselves in front of us, that ignites a spark within us to be ourselves, too.But let’s remember that it’s not about adopting a unique persona just to stand out in a crowd. It’s not about showing off tattoos and offbeat hair styles and being weird just to draw attention to yourself.

It’s about letting loose and breathing — and releasing the self-imposed bounds that keep us confined into who we want other people to think we are. It’s about connecting with the inner sense of who we are — and celebrating that — and sharing that.

It’s about doing that regardless of who is observing you. Especially if no one is looking.

The real people are you and me: the high achievers and low achievers and single moms and kids who feel like outcasts and kids who are popular — and older people who, since they were children, have always wanted to be themselves but have been afraid.

Just let go and be you.

Feel free to fly your freak flag for everyone to see — whatever that means to you.

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