The Value of Energy Healing


music-notesI PLAYFULLY SUPPOSE it’s no small synchronicity as I begin writing this article while listening to Tina Turner’s CD, Beyond, which was produced in collaboration with two other amazing women, Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay. Singing and chanting are two of the simplest, most powerful and beautiful ways to engage in energy healing. I always find it so uplifting and transformative to listen to singing and chanting and do it for myself and others. I’ve had some stunningly amazing experiences doing a technique called toning at my retreats and in other group settings. The vowel sounds used in toning clear our chakras. It’s so much fun and it’s so amazing. I love the experience.

I have numerous friends who are energy healers. They’ve been a wonderful blessing numerous times helping me heal back pain when I’ve accidentally strained my back. Even when the healing of the pain isn’t complete or immediate, I still feel the relief of the help and the love being given. Then later, almost without even knowing it, I realize the pain and spasms are gone.

In a different sense, I’ve also experienced the healing of the grief I’m still processing in the death of my mother and the anniversary grief of the death of my father many years ago. My grief seems to be expressing as dizziness as energies are being released and expressed in new ways. I’m learning healing techniques I can use on myself to bring my body back to balance. I certainly appreciate the healing, the help and the love.

I revel in knowing what amazing mechanisms our bodies are. We are bioenergetic fields, and it is so important to keep the energy fields moving and clear. That’s what wellness is. We are also surrounded by and impacted by electromagnetic fields of energy. It is imperative to keep these energy fields clear and moving, too.

The energy healing I appreciate most is expressing new levels of Love and Forgiveness. I know with all my heart that there is no more important work on the planet than doing the personal, interpersonal, global work of Love and Forgiveness. I know our cells speak to us irrevocably about the need to love and forgive ourselves and each other. I love my Life and I know that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t love and forgive myself and others. It occurs to me right now that energy healing isn’t just something we do to our bodies, it’s something we do in our bodies!

Living in — and from — the present moment is the most powerful and important energy healing technique we can use. It’s what allows the flexibility, resilience and vitality that are the hallmarks of a Vibrant Spirit alive as us! Peace!

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Cathy Combs
Cathy Combs is a freelance writer and workshop architect specializing in personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. She lives in Kansas City, MO.


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