‘Tune In’ to Energy with Tuning Fork Therapy: Restore Harmony to Body & Soul


tuning-forkI INVITE YOU TO EXPLORE energy healing with a new twist: Tuning Fork Therapy, alone or in combination with Reiki, acupressure meridian points, or another energy modality.

Vibration and sound are pure energy. It’s essential to realize and acknowledge that all things vibrate: atoms, cells, nerves, blood vessels — all living matter, including the Earth itself. This is the basis of the laws governing quantum physics. Tuning Fork Therapy is like having a deep-tissue massage at a molecular level. Vibration and sound/music pass through the mind and take us to a “feeling” place. Thoughts drift away, feeling takes the lead, and meditation can be more meaningful, as well.

Our bodies are made up of 60 percent water, which is an excellent conductor of vibration and sound. Sound waves travel four times faster in water than through air. Our own heartbeat or pulse is very similar to a wave generator, sending signals to our nerves and cells with every beat of our heart. It actually acts as an internal metronome. We can learn to “set” our internal metronome, which is a great tool for controlling our metabolism. With Sound Healing, we have the opportunity to clear and reset our vibrational equilibrium. Ohm chanting has been widely used as a form of centering and meditation for centuries.

In addition, by using the theory of resonance, we can help others around us either “settle down” or “rev up” as they need or would like to. Have you ever had someone’s mood “rub off” on you? Our bodies are vibratory systems, and we are naturally influenced by others and by our surroundings. Notice how you may start out an interaction with someone feeling relaxed, then after occupying the same space with one who is excited or hyperactive, your heart rate increases and thoughts begin racing in “sync?” Or have you come into contact with someone who is upset or emotionally charged, and you managed to stay calm and breathing at a lower rate, only to have them calm to that lower level with you?

Each organ of the body also has a unique frequency of vibration and is able to be “balanced,” or brought closer to, its natural vibration when entrained or brought into resonation with tuning forks vibrating at that particular frequency. This enables quicker healing, as well as relaxation or energizing as the need dictates.

The Earth tone is “Ohm” (136.1 Hz), and it is an excellent frequency to help neutralize the almost continual bombardment of external stimuli we experience every day — computers, electrical appliances, vehicles and even the normal everyday home, work or neighborhood sounds of kids playing or dogs barking. When our adrenal glands overwork, we suffer from stress, sleep disturbances, lowered immune systems, and disease. The Ohm tone (C#) or frequency has a uniquely balancing, relaxing and grounding quality. The body will come into resonance or entrain with the vibration of the tuning fork(s) naturally. Bringing the body into balance with the base Ohm vibration also allows our body to reset and heal itself more rapidly, as it is meant to do.

While tuning forks cannot be guaranteed to magically heal our imbalances or disease, they create a balanced system for the body’s own natural healing abilities. Many clients have noted that simply activating the Mid-Ohm fork on the sternum immediately grounds and balances them.

Sounding the fork(s) in key combinations is a wonderful experience in itself. However, when combined with the natural energetic flow through our meridians or chakras, Sound and Vibrational Healing has been shown effective in not only relaxing and balancing the body as a whole, but in increasing and speeding the healing of many injuries, diseases and illnesses. The more “in tune” you are with your body and personal energy, the sooner and deeper your responses will be to Sound and Vibrational Healing.

We are made of 60 percent water. Sound and vibration affect each of us. It’s time for us to make our own choices as to exactly how we are affected.

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Sue Samudio
Sue Samudio, M.Mt., is a Reiki Master Energy Worker who uses chakra balancing, Huna Reiki, and tuning fork techniques in combination with acupressure meridian points and Jin Shin techniques. These modalities are offered individually or in combination, tailored to specific needs. Individual and group classes are also available. Her practice is based at Body & Sol TanSpa, 2653 Louisiana Ave. S., St. Louis Park, MN.


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