Living in Ascension Consciousness: World Peace Cruise

cruiseIT IS TIME FOR A CRUISE called “Living in Ascension Consciousness.” We are all feeling this “shift” in the consciousness of humanity and our intention is to align with a deep sense of peace within our hearts, while bringing balance back into our lives! Much work will be done on this cruise to move participants through the ascension process, get them moving on the path and offer them much-needed clarity.

The cruise will take place November 16-23, departing from Los Angeles, and we will enjoy peace prayers each morning, spiritually empowering workshops at sea, and plenty of play time on the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Riviera. A Peace Ceremony will take place on the beach.

The following group of gifted spiritual teachers and healers will be on board with us this year:

  • Our Keynote Presenter, Mark Earlix, will share profound healing techniques and help attendees awaken to a higher consciousness.
  • Terra Sonora will channel the angelic realms to bring through messages of a personal and global nature. She will also present a workshop on “Navigating the Interdimensional Realms.”
  • Star Blossom Goddess will present a workshop on “Living Life Ecstatically” to bring more JOY into our lives.
  • Rev. Naomi Fay will lead a Sacred Goddess Ceremony. She channels messages and tones from the Goddesses to open up our Divine Feminine connections.
  • Meredith Star Raven Davis and Allen Soule will present an experiential workshop called “Sex and Gender in Ascension Consciousness” and provide practical tools for healing and growth, including a special healing ceremony.
  • Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, a vocal sound healer, will sing songs of our soul and guide us into our own Vocal Sound Healing Journey.
  • Lori Ann Manns, a Psychic Medium, will present a workshop to help you channel messages from your loved ones on the other side, and will demonstrate her gift by bringing through messages from beyond the veil.
  • Kate Loye, a shamanic healer, sound healer and channeler, will bring through wisdom from the Ascended Masters and lead a workshop to help attendees access the Shamanic Healer within.

In addition, I will be presenting a workshop on “The Ascension Process” to help attendees heal their past, release 3rd-Dimensional illusions and align with ascension consciousness.

For more information on the World Peace Cruise, visit and use promo code LynMarie8.



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