A Spiritually Healing Journey


abstract_lightMY AMAZING JOURNEY started about two years ago. I was feeling so low that I worried about what the future held. I was in a stressful job working for the National Health Service (NHS) and a traumatic family issue was eating away at me emotionally, making me seriously ill. I knew deep down that I needed to move on, but I was unable to see a way forward.

Having had a particularly bad day and feeling very tearful, I popped into the local supermarket after work. A truly wonderful lady called Jacqui Kitney appeared, offering comforting words. I had met Jacqui before, but I was not fully aware of what she did. She discussed Reiki and life coaching with me, advising me to try them.

On the day of the Reiki session, I felt a special kind of excitement that I hadn’t felt before. It turned out to be an amazing experience, releasing years of stress and emotional baggage that was causing me so much distress. Jacqui also informed me that I was a very spiritual person and recommended a spiritual awareness course run by Sonia Driscoll, an amazing teacher and very special lady from the Spiritual Development School.

The seven-week course was a most profound and special experience, and it felt so natural to me. I amazed myself by communicating with spirit in ways I would never have thought possible. I felt that the start of something really special was about to unfold. Being continually encouraged and nurtured in all things spiritual was the boost I needed, and meeting other like-minded people was truly wonderful.

After the course, I was invited to sit in circle every fortnight, which gave me something to look forward to and began to inspire me to getting my life back on track.

Attending many spiritual gatherings and meeting so many special people was the most rewarding experience ever, but best of all, the next chapter of my journey was unfolding before me.

I was seriously considering changing my job as it was making me so miserable, but what would I do? I considered all things, but nothing inspired me.

The day Penny Peace held a psychic party, I knew I had to attend, although I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life.

During a reading, Penny gave me a very accurate insight into how I was feeling; she also informed me that I should be healing, as this was to be my destiny. At the time, that was not what I was expecting. She felt an Indian influence, which I remember thinking at the time could have related to the Indian doctor we had taken on at work! But no — what followed was the word Ayurveda, which neither of us had heard of or could spell. Penny felt strongly that I should research this. I did and was blown away by the principles of traditional Indian healing. I’m so glad I listened to Penny!

The passion and strong sense of well-being that hit me like a bolt out of the blue will stay with me forever. I just knew I had to pursue this, so I embarked upon an Ayurvedic diploma course for the following 15 months. To enable me to have the time to study, I needed to reduce my days at work, which I did, and the difference it made was phenomenal. Already I was feeling a huge weight was lifting, and my family, friends and colleagues noticed a difference in me, too. Already divine intervention was leading me to a better life — and I was beginning to trust that I would be guided all the way.

I would never have thought that in my 50s I would start studying again, but it goes to prove that it’s never too late to learn. If you are passionate enough about something, you will succeed.

The passion I put into my studying finally paid off as I passed with commendation, which went on to inspire me further to start my own Ayurvedic therapies business. The hands-on training was fantastic and felt totally natural.

Having experienced the power of Reiki, I later felt the time was right to pursue it myself — and who better to teach me than the lady who gave it to me — Jacqui. I completed the first and second degrees and am now a fully fledged Reiki practitioner.

Along the way, I have been given “signs” to guide me, and I still listen to these to this day. Everything that has happened has been for a reason and in the divine order it is meant to be. Of course, I will be eternally grateful to Jacqui, Sonia and Penny for being catalysts in turning my life around, and I thank them so much.

I retired from the NHS in June, took up part-time domiciliary care work, which runs alongside my own work and life, allowing me more time to do all the great things that I have been missing.

This past month has been an exciting one for me, as I was nominated for an award for Outstanding Ayurvedic Student, and I won! I was presented with a trophy at the Beauty Awards in London, which was televised by Sky for an Asian TV channel. It was so surreal, but I enjoyed every minute.

I now have a new healing room, thanks to my wonderful husband who has worked tirelessly to complete it for my work, which is making others feel as good as I do, the most amazing feeling ever.

A testament to me is that during this journey, I have successfully shrugged off numerous medical conditions and associated medications, and I feel absolutely fantastic. Life has begun again and I am enjoying and appreciating every second of it.

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