An Acorn Doesn’t have to Try to be an Oak tree – That’s Nuts!


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IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT that you are an acorn. You’ve been percolating on a tree branch for some time, hanging out, experiencing all the juicy wisdom of a 300-800-year-old oak tree through its glorious life juices that nourish you. Then one day, by some divine act of infinite wisdom, you are launched from that branch, to be planted firmly on physical ground.

Seems a bit harsh at first, but you’re up for it. The sun shines (no effort), the rain falls (still no effort) and all of a sudden you find yourself both reaching upward to the sky and downward to into the nourishment of the earth.

You’ve never done it before, however, it seems quite instinctual — and fortunately for you, you don’t have a brain or ego to analyze the life out of the journey. You simply do what is there to be done: go on the journey. You are off on an adventure that you did not consciously plan, nor do you have any idea which way the wind will blow, the branch will grow, nor the animals that will come to nestle in your boughs. You dance directly with what life brings you. There is no contemplation, only the full engagement in the journey. There is no judgment; after all, it would take you out of the magical flow of Creation in action.

What could be more exhilarating, fascinating, expansive than that?

All you know is that you are reaching for the sun in ways that no other oak has done before, and you are getting the nourishment and love you need from the soil that supports you with love and mutual honoring. Oh, and by the way, you are going to breathe out what humans breathe in — and they will return the favor. Fluidity at it’s best.

Your purpose is clear: to go on the journey of awakening the potential in an acorn — and not just any acorn, your acorn. Then…to dance the dance with all of Creation, staying so present to what life is dealing you that you can only experience it all in wonder, watching as the next millimeter of bark grows, the next leaf comes out in perfect step with the sun, and the next acorn arises as the nutrients present themselves in perfect response to “all that is.”

So what’s the difference between us and acorns? A cool hat and a tough outer shell? We both have cells that connect directly with consciousness, after all. We both have blinding potential to create stuff out of seemingly nothing. We are both beautiful and a part of nature. Obviously there are differences — not better or worse, simply differences.

The idea that we have free will is a big one, because then we can make our own choices, and even choose not to follow the innate wisdom of our 60 trillion cells.

Humans have the capacity to invent paradigms (like limits and hoops that must be jumped through to be happy or succeed and the illusion of winning/losing and the illusion of better than/less than — you get where I am going with this) that exist in “the field” as paradigms.

We also have the capacity to forget that we made those paradigms up and that none of them are “the Truth”; they are simply “a truth.” Our bodies and minds respond in a way that feels like those paradigms are “The Truth,” and so we forget to ask infinite wisdom to “show me what is The Truth.” The wonder of life goes away, and we are now in “strategize survival, love, relationships, money, career, etc. — all according to made-up paradigms that exist within the framework of the free, harmonious Universe that works around us.

It’s all very exhausting really.

Just when you think you’re lovable, someone judges you. Just when you think you’re making enough money, they tax you more. Just when you think you are in good enough shape, they change the image of what healthy looks like. Just when you getting okay with margarine, they tell you butter is better. Just when you figure out your DVD player, they spring Blue Ray on you. Just when you start loving your parents, they start getting sick. Just when you install a reverse osmosis machine, they tell you distilled is better. Just when you buy a Prius, they tell you the carbon footprint for building one is worse than an SUV.

And just when you think it’s all too hard, you find out maybe you’re an acorn — and being who you came here to be is the most natural thing that ever was. And maybe it’s all been getting too complicated, creating enough frustration to cause you to go looking for the “The Truth” of Who You Are. Of who we are. Enough struggle to cause us to be open to remembering that the answers we were seeking were there all along. We are just unpracticed at listening to our hearts (because we’ve all been so busy listening to the rules).

I fibbed a paragraph or so ago, by the way. Our bodies don’t actually respond to “a truth” or a belief system that is incongruent with “The Truth” the same way. We are made to be a physical dowsing stick, yet even more simple. When we are off course, our body gets uncomfortable in some way. Maybe a headache or some other ill. If we don’t listen, eventually this loving body of ours has us witness our incongruencies in deeper, more perceptively painful symptoms — a wonderfully built-in homing beacon from the benevolent infinite Creative force that makes stuff. When we are on track, there is a sense of physical peace within, and when we are not, there is a sense that something is off — and that can be blatant or subtle.

An acorn doesn’t need a homing device, because it could never get lost; it follows directly with Creation. We do, too, however we don’t know or trust the language so well yet. Now to be clear, symptoms sometimes arise due to positive shifts, and we’ll talk about discerning the difference.

Back to acorns. They don’t contemplate. Expansion is assumed, inevitable and proceeds in a wondrous way. The two ways we are most dissimilar from acorns is that we have made up incredibly long processes to get back into connection, when we already are directly connected like all of Creation’s manifestations. After all, how did a single cell that eventually became our body know how to divide the way it did?

The second way we are dissimilar is that we have the capacity to get in the way of our expansive path forward because of the free will we were given that creates thought forms and paradigms by which we live (like cultural beliefs, man/woman paradigms, food beliefs, ideas about money, etc). The benevolence of the Universe is that things won’t work very fluidly when we are off course.

The juiciness of the human experience is that at any moment we can consciously choose to experience life in direct connection, dancing with all of Creation without the need for contemplation. It is not a question of if — it is a question of willingness to let go of our own way for the journey of a lifetime.

The irony? It actually is “our way” in the truest sense. There will never be, nor ever has there been, an acorn whose oak-tree journey’s time has come like yours or mine. The crazy thing is, like all of nature, the balance and moment-by-moment communication in total perfection is completely in support of us. In fact, the balance of humanity’s yearnings asked for us.

We are a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth here to dance with humanity on that journey in perfect fluidity, unfolding a symphony of YES’s. By definition, that journey will never be what your mind thinks, therefore it must be an adventure. How could it not be?

Are you excited to experience the unfoldment of who you are? Then you have to let go of thinking you already know. Let the blossoming begin!

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Jennifer Hough is a Seer, Alchemist and best-selling author. Her work is to assist each of us to awaken to our innate abilities beyond the five senses, to live life in flow and passion, and to truly experience our lives as "a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth" in this lifetime. Her magnetic style and authenticity have blown audiences away all over the world. The programs she teaches are: Get Out of Your Own Way™, The Personal Mastery of Awakening, Be Your Own Guru, The Awakening Coach Training Program, and Flight School. She also takes those ready to have the full experience on Awakening Adventures all over the world. For more information about Jennifer and The Wide Awakening, go to her website.


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