Feline Wisdom: Animal Communication

cat_restfulI BELIEVE CATS ARE naturally intuitive creatures. I know when I look into my sweet kitty’s eyes, I can absolutely sense he is looking straight through to my soul. As humans, I think we also possess intuitive gifts; some of us just aren’t as open to them. When we do open ourselves up, we experience a magical bond with the beloved animals in our lives.

Cats can inspire and teach us to release, go within and connect on a deep level. They don’t have a lot of “stuff” muddling their minds. Their pathways are clean — it’s easy for them. And they will talk to us if they sense we are ready to listen. That’s what my friend Gretchen Pollnow, an animal communicator at All Creatures Chat, told me. She said, “Life and experience cause us to shut down certain things or open things up.” She thinks that in order to open ourselves, we need to slow down, quiet our minds, listen and trust our instincts.

When I think about “trusting instincts,” I immediately think of cats. They have a knowing about them. They intuitively respond to humans, somehow knowing who to trust and who is sketchy. They know when we’re feeling down and snuggle up beside us, offering comfort. I know my cats feel the shift in my energy when I’m packing for a trip. Perhaps they recognize the suitcase, but I think it goes beyond that. There’s a certain vibe that happens when I’m preparing to travel; it’s a little chaotic and things that were once in familiar places are now in a bag. I’ve spoken to others whose cats react similarly. They just know.

I’ve always been able to connect intuitively — to a degree — with people and situations. My mind isn’t always the most calm of places. Mind monkeys frequently swing around in the spaces I wish were more peaceful. When I meditate, I definitely feel myself open and find I’m more receptive to receiving information and picking up subtle energy that comes my way. Cats are in a constant state of meditation. Those lucky ducks have no mind monkeys! This makes a world of difference when it comes to intuitive communication.

Gretchen has always been open to receiving psychic messages. When she was young, she assumed everyone had the ability to hear animals, and even people, communicate nonverbally. She finally realized she had more of a developed gift than most people have. Just recently she “came out” with that gift and decided to help bring animals and humans together, creating more of a bond and deepening their relationship and understanding of each other. She and I both believe when we open ourselves up to these abilities, we can directly “speak” to our animal companions.

How do we open oursleves up? Tame the mind monkeys! Take cues from our feline friends and be still, allowing the connection to happen. One way we can do this is by regularly practicing meditation. Cats may naturally meditate, but we humans sometimes need to create time in our busy schedules to experience the peace. When I spend just ten minutes meditating in the morning, my day undoubtedly sails far more smoothly than on days when I don’t carve out the time. It’s well worth it.

So if we want to develop our intuitive gifts, we don’t have to look much further than our cats. As usual, they have it all figured out!



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