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woman-walk-fieldTHE COMPLEXITIES OF LIFE are multi-layers filled with experiences and all the emotions that evolve from them. They range from happiness to profound sadness. They shape why we make certain decisions and mask deep down reasons why we don’t go after a better personal relationship, job relocation and events that usually promote growth in our lives. They are the foundation from which we live our lives.

How do you awaken yourself to live in the present moment? Do you even know how to do that and what it takes to achieve it?

We start with that gut feeling. That incredible tug we feel in our soul that makes us question so many things in life. We know it right away. Even as a child we experience it. Should I, maybe and ifs are all part of the awakening. If we don’t conquer them early on and trust we are making the right decisions for our well-being, they fester as we grow older into an illness I call ” blockage of the soul.” We never experience what is really good for ourselves while doing for others, and we cut off the awakening, never seeing the clear meaning of our existence.

To awaken your body to the present moment is the exact time when you finally say, “Enough is enough. I will stop this addictive behavior, I will leave this dead marriage or relationship, I will move across the country to better my career and blossom into the person I was meant to be. Free of the ties that hold me back.”

As you start your rebirth, as I call it, it naturally changes your perception of reality. Suddenly the world looks a little bit brighter. You feel calmer and more refreshed. Even the colors in the sky seem brighter as if the inner existence of your soul has exploded into rays of sunshine, bursting with clarity and revealing your true inner core. You become more creative, more relaxed, and more willing to take chances on building a balanced life for yourself. You still have challenges, but they are now just an obstacle and not a dead end.

Reality now becomes acceptance — acceptance of you loving yourself, being comfortable with yourself and others, and a true awakening of living the best life ever, every second of the day.

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