The Possible Dream


peace-waterPEACE IS POSSIBLE — within reach, wholly attainable, but only if we truly hunger for it, if we decide it is important — more important than money, more important than technological advance or scientific progress, more important than leisure…. How can Peace not be more important? How can we not insist upon it? How do we let ourselves be persuaded that violence, death and destruction are inevitable? Who wants war when there can be Peace? How can we allow even one precious day be wasted on hatred?

Think Peace. Breathe Peace. Feel Peace. Speak Peace. Dream Peace. Declare Peace. Love Peace. Give peace to anyone and everyone you touch, and keep passing it on. Decide Peace…Peace as essential, Peace as imperative, and keep passing it on, for it will be a worldwide movement. And when the global villagers have decided for Peace, there will be Peace, and it will have been so easy, and we will marvel that it took so long and that we took it for granted when it was so natural and easy, and yet it will forever be mankind’s greatest achievement — Peace.

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