The Succulent Strawberry

strawberriesTO AWAKEN, WE MUST FIRST picture where we are currently at in our lives. If you are living your truth, you probably know that there are moments — if not days or weeks — of darkness, loneliness and longing for something more meaningful in your life. We all have it: something that we dream about, a better job, a more loving relationship, better friendships, a healthier body, whatever it may be that your heart aches for. These deep, dark secrets are what allow us to be open to an awakening of many sorts.

So it begins. The dark winter months have gone and the rains of spring have fed the soil. Summer shines all around us. You see flowers blooming, and you hear the joy of kids outside playing. It’s Saturday morning and you enjoy a cup of coffee and then head out to run errands. You see farmer’s markets popping up on every corner. As you approach one, you see people bustling up and down the isles relishing in the glorious gifts from nature. There is an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies just waiting to be devoured.

A luscious basket of strawberries, bright in color and bountiful in nutrients, is calling your name — and you can’t resist. You make the purchase and walk to a table to sit down and enjoy them. You take that first bite and you smell the delightful aroma. Your mouth fills with juices as you close your eyes and take it all in. Your whole body explodes with joy as you experience that succulent flavor. You realize your senses are alive and rejuvenated. Your body is drenched in the sunshine that warms you to your core. You quickly want more; you dig in the basket to find the perfect one. Everything about that savory strawberry leaves you feeling full of joy and passion. It is such a simple fruit with a taste so sweet and so arousing. Suddenly, your body feels so alive as it absorbs the nourishment; you feel it feeding your soul. A gentle smile warms your lips. As your soul awakens, it begins to dance and the world around you seems to fall into harmony.

Swiftly, the thoughts of the cold, harsh winter are long forgotten and you move toward your car basking in the warm sun. You are aroused; you are awakening, your heart races, and all your senses are bounding with energy. You want to scream and let everyone know how amazing you feel. Heading home with a basket of strawberries in hand, you want to share your joy with everyone you know. You feel so fresh, so surely everyone would want to feel like this, right?


Not everyone will like your strawberries. Some will tell you how nasty they are and tell you how they don’t like them. That’s okay. You know the secret, and you can feel it in every cell of your body. Your place here is not to judge. Be kind and gentle, wish them well and send them lots of love.

By filling your basket of life with spirituality, relationships, food, and careers that feed your soul, you will continue to see and feel this awakening. Your life will be filled with joy and as you continue to spread your love, and you will see the shift in the lives of those around you. The universe is amazing!

You might be surprised next time when you run into those who didn’t want your strawberries at first, for they may have their own basket of strawberries to share with you!



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