There’s no use in Trying + Time is of no Essence


flower-purpleSOMETIMES THE BEST ACTION is inaction.

When the world gives you grey and drizzle, all we want is sunshine and blue skies.

Most of us are incapable of truly seeing and accepting the beauty in the “imperfect.”

It’s impossible to force nature to mind our terms. No matter how much we whine and beg, the grey will linger as long as it needs to. Nature’s soul song is one of inaction and allowance.

This song is sung so sweetly when life is allowed to happen on its own. Where time is of no essence, trying is of no use, and where gratitude comes in the moment of growth, not gain.

Just like a beautiful flower in spring — budding and stretching, waking up and reaching for the sky — it will bloom without trying, on its own time, without pleading, plodding and wondering why it didn’t bloom yesterday!

Often, life gives us times where we need to practice loving our imperfections.

“Why didn’t I get that job?” “Will I ever lose those ten pounds?” “How come I never have enough money in the bank?” “I don’t feel motivated to do anything.” “Why am I always getting sick?”

We focus so intently on being (and staying) uncomfortable. Staying in a place of sadness, anger and confusion is like wrapping up in a comfy sweater that at first seems to keep us warm, but soon it becomes very itchy and it’s all we can focus on. Yet, we refuse to take the sweater off for fear that it is our only means to staying warm, shielded and “normal.”

But the real normal is accepting the discomfort and knowing it is a part of life. If we take off our “sweater,” life will give us other options to keep us “warm.”

It will also allow us to know that life brings all of us a balance of discomfort and comfort, happiness and sadness, time for action and time for rest. A part of our mission in this world is to find the gap in between comfort and discomfort. This is where we thrive, in our most natural state…balance.

This tender space brings flow, allowance and acceptance of all of life’s idiosyncrasies. Balance is divine comfort, the sweater that keeps us warm, but never gets itchy.

The balance is where you allow life to happen to you; you don’t happen to life.

We don’t have to always be strong, powerful, in control and take charge as we think we do. Step back and see the perfection in the perceived lack. Realize, deeply and humbly, that we are supported in every way. Release the need to fix immediately, numb your pain, mask your feelings, and so on. Mind the gap and reflect on its beauty.

Back to those above “imperfections,” also see the the lesson or opportunity for change in the questions and negative self-talk. If nothing is changing with the methods you’re applying to induce change, seek to go deeper into the root cause of the discomfort. If you’re not acquiring a job as quickly as you had hoped, is there something on a soul level that you need to focus on before you begin a job? Or in a relationship, if you’re not meeting “the one,” is this an opportunity to truly love yourself first?

Don’t be afraid to dive in deep inside — that’s where you keep your light. Because some of us are used to being in the dark, looking at our light may actually be frightening at first. But don’t be. It is there for you to discover and share. Remember, the cracks are how the light gets in. Our discomfort is a blessing in disguise.

Ultimately, know that everything will work out in the best way for you. Try not to kick and scream like a toddler in the toy aisle at Target, because in that, you are pushing against the natural flow of life.

Your petals will unfurl, your face will turn toward the sun, and you will see the pure perfection that is the process of letting go and knowing that you, indeed, did not need to do anything in order to grow.

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