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horse-meadowConnecting Spirits, Transforming and Empowering through the Wisdom of Horses in the Labyrinth

PEOPLE ARE RECONNECTING to what has been lost. Going back to nature, our roots. Rediscovering the old ways and ancient traditions, but in new creative ways. Learning that there is no right answer, that the creative possibilities are endless. Each one of us is finding our own path and developing our own truth and unique set of talents.

Inside us lives that young child who dreamed of horses. Symbols of power, beauty and freedom, this mystical being has inspired dreams, books, music, poetry and art. In today’s world of electronics, busy schedules and disconnection, horses are beckoning us back to their herd. Through the horse, we can reconnect with nature, joy and grace, rediscovering our true selves, empowering our perspectives in partnership with these unique beings.

Transformation and Empowerment
Horses are powerful teachers — both in this world and beyond. Not only are horses willing partners in everyday life, but for centuries they have acted as prominent “power animals,” taking people into the spiritual worlds for wisdom and healing. Horses are actively connected to the natural, flowing wisdom, information and Universal Life Energy of All That Is. Horses seem to walk in both worlds, living on earth while still connected to the pool of higher consciousness. Horses are the living embodiment of living in the present and being awake in each moment — what many of us aspire to as living in mindfulness.

Wisdom of Horses
If we open our minds and hearts to the abilities of horses, we will open to a new way of being, listening and healing. There is not a more beautiful sight than horses in roaming free in their natural environment. They communicate through telepathy and subtle movements that only a keen observer might notice. Horses possess impressive intuitive abilities for both self-preservation and balanced social order. Horses instinctively reflect authentic communication, clear boundaries, social courtesy, confidence and intent. The highly attuned sensitivities of the horse call upon us to simplify our approach, trust our instincts, and balance reason with intelligent emotion. Horses have mastered the balance of their instinctive wild nature and gentle tamed parts of their personality.

Enter The Labyrinth
A labyrinth is a sacred space consisting of a single path used for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. By following a path into the center of the labyrinth and back out again, people can quiet their mind, journey into their own centers, find balance, insight, a new sense of peace, understanding, or an important release. Labyrinths, ancient tools estimated to be more than 5,000 years old, are found on every continent of the world. No one culture or faith can claim them as their own. They are non-denominational, cross-cultural tools for well-being. Labyrinths in natural settings are the perfect place for spiritual meditation, reconnecting with nature, slowing down, and realigning with your deepest truths.

Labyrinth Walks With Horses
Horses are our willing mentors, but to truly enter their world, we must shed patterns of fear and attitudes of dominance and control that interfere with our ability to really listen, love, trust and learn. When we meet horses on their level, their secrets are revealed. Paired with the labyrinth, horses take people on walking journeys. Many liken the experience to that of a shamanic journey. Horse and labyrinth combined are a “new” unique way to experience the spiritual in the physical. Walking with horses through a labyrinth, either in hand, or on the horse’s back led by an experienced horse handler, can be a truly magical experience. It opens our hearts and expands our awareness to cleanse our mind, body and soul.

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Melissa is a Reiki Master Teacher, Level 2 QiGong, Reconnective Healer and studies, teaches, and practices other healing modalities. Melissa's 40-acre ranch located on the outskirts of Becker, MN, provides confidence and healing to people through horses, dogs, and nature. In 2012, Melissa founded Nature's Divine, a Health and Wellness Center for Pets N their People, focusing on natural, organic, safe products and therapies, as well as some fun art and jewelry. A Minnesota licensed attorney turned healer, she still provides pet-friendly estate planning, and other legal services.


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