Gift Yourself: Release Attachments & Fly


butterfly-monarchAREN’T WE ALL collectors of some sort? Don’t we hang on to things because we think we may need them someday? What about the boxes in the basement, and the piles of papers in the drawers? Old clothing, appliances, correspondence, and dried up paint cans. The lists and piles are endless.

What is it about the need to surround ourselves with things we don’t really need, but feel like we must keep, for whatever reason?

When does our collection of things really turn into clutter, repositories for dust, and things that we never really look at, touch, or tune into on a daily basis? Feng shui principles and practices are aimed at creating balanced and healthy stress de-cluttering, and the release of physical objects that don’t allow energy, or chi, to flow with natural ease.

Could the same process, of de-cluttering, be used to release inner emotions, beliefs and strongholds that we hold onto day after day but no longer serve us, contributing to imbalance, dis-ease and unhappiness in our lives? Hanging on is the familiar and comfortable path. To fear the unknown is natural. To release our fears and move into the unknown is courage, and freedom. While it is difficult, but necessary, releasing the emotions that we attach to past experiences and the “stuff” that has caused us pain and heartbreak is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our hearts, and to the healing of the world.

When is enough, enough? What’s stopping you from flying?


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