Master Tao Huang to demonstrate healing abilities in Rochester


HuangRENOWNED HEALER Master Tao Huang, who has an astounding ability to see precisely the energetic systems in one’s body and is capable of unlocking and releasing the blockages accumulated throughout lifetimes and previous generations, will share his insights and transformational abilities December 1-8 when he returns to Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center in Rochester, MN, to offer private Xin Le Qu sessions.

Master Tao will allow clients to experience his mastery of energy and experience transformational shifting within their bodies. During a session, one feels such sensations as lightness, memory recall, emotion, pain, a connection to generations and spiritual enlightenment. Testimonials describe Master Tao’s sessions as profound and “like nothing you have ever experienced!”

Born in China, Master Tao immigrated to the United States in 1990 to offer the teachings of Laoism, I Ching, and the practices of Taoism. With eyes mostly closed, Master Tao moves in harmony and in union with his clients, seeming to do a choreographed dance with their energy, with their bodies and on levels so much more than physical and energetic. A Taoist Master, Tao is able to demonstrate, in healing session, the learned and intuitive knowledge of the body-mind knots, weights and frozen armament that hold the originally flexible inner soul imprisoned in a tightly bound, and often “dis-eased” or “unwell” human body.

Master Tao works and gives from his heart with a clear and bright connection to source energy, with complete and unconditional love, compassion and understanding from a place where there is no judgment.

Master Tao’s sessions fill up quickly so the public is encouraged to call today to take part part in this opportunity. For more information, please visit or call Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center at 507.281.6649.



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