Soul of Tantra – Returning Home to the Circle of Love


chakras“Come out of the circle of time into the circle of love.” ~ Rumi

THE FUSION OF BODY and spirit is what Tantra is really all about. It evolved in India 6,000 years ago as a rebellious response to the Hindu priests who believed body and all the emotional and passionate expressions within it had to be denied to attain enlightenment, to be one with God/Source. They believed a path to God required a disconnect from the body.

Tantra claimed the truth: the body is life and it is through the body we feel our personal connection to Earth Mother. If we deny body, we deny life. Without the body, there is no home base and channel for soul expression. It is through the body we learn how to be in the flow of life and to co-create with it.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “to weave together and expand.” Growing from the inside out is the law of nature. The web of life is in constant motion, rippling forever outward. Tantra offers a way to return to this organic circle of creation.

The path home to be one with Source (Father/Mother) is not built upon rigid mental disciplines, but it is discovered by relaxing with trust into the body. Earth Mother invites us to consciously step into the living flow, to relax and co-create our lives with her. Earth Mother speaks to us each day saying: “Breathe with me, please. Know that I love you. Relax your body into my body. Trust I know what I am doing. Trust your body and soul to move you to co-create with me. Trust I am with you always.”

Trust is a quality that opens the experience of relaxation. Trust lights the way home to the circle of love. If trust is not present within you, it can be learned…regrown. Tantra teaches how to trust the body again and to restore a reciprocal loving relationship between the mind and body. This is something everyone can learn to do. However, the blueprint for this journey lives within the cellular structure of the body, not the mind. So come home to your body.

To grow more trust with your body, the Tantra weaving process begins with a conscious choice to show up for you. Bring all of you into the same place at the same time. This is what it means to be present. To do so, simply shift the focus of your mind from looking out to looking in. Close the outer Yang (male) eyes that reference your identity from the outer world. Open the inner Yin (feminine) eyes to see and meet the real you within. As you claim the truth, your body will always be grateful and respond by opening a way for you to feel more free.

“The truth will set you free.” Aaaah, a hint given to us 2,000 years ago. We are beginning to get it!

As you look in, the first part of you that you meet is your breath. How you breathe is how you do life. As you breathe IN, you take in the gift of life. With each breath out, you let go of what you no longer need; because you trust, the next breath will be there for you…and it is.

Notice the quality of trust that lives within you. Invite trust to walk with you on your inner journey. Breathe yourself here. Trust that your body knows how to breathe. Let go. Surrender into the flow of breath and life. Breath is life. Life is choices. What you choose, you create. With the in-breath, claim your life as you think: “I am.” The “I Am Presence” is the individual life thread that connects to your soul. To softly ground down into your home body, as you exhale, think the word: “Relaxed.” With each breath, claim: “I am relaxed.” Notice the ripple of peace and relaxation within.

The weaving continues. Bring the word “relax” into your belly, the home of your feeling nature. As you do, the abdominal muscles soften. Breathing deepens and opens inner space to notice the sensation of what is stirring within. The belly — or well of creation — is connected to the element of water. Water flows. Feelings flow. The more you feel what is moving in your belly, the more you are able to create a flow with your life. The truth will always move you into the flow that moves you out into the world.

Notice your inner process. Conscious thoughts create presence for the mental body. Breath opens and weaves in the physical body. Feelings and sensation draw in the emotional body. The final thread is the spirit body. To weave in this dimension, mentally walk to your heart center in the middle of your chest. In front of you is an open door with a sign on it that says: “Welcome Home. Please walk in.” This is the home space of your spirit body. It is the place of inner peace where your soul lives. It is the nature of the heart to connect love. It is here you meet your human nature which is to simply be love. There is nothing here to prove. Be present with your loving nature. Feel it.

Guide your mind back to feel the smooth, continuous, circular flow of your breath. The circle is the symbol of the feminine that holds infinite possibilities in creation. As you trust the circle of your breath to hold, support and bring to you all you need in each moment, you can extend this trust out to the bigger circle in Earth to hold, support and bring to you all you need. The circle of trust opens you all the way out through the universe to God/Source where you are held, fully supported and wrapped in love.

The mind has been searching for eons to know this. The body has been waiting for us to feel it. With each breath in, receive love and with each breath out, lovingly give what is yours to give. By weaving together the circle of love within, you get to be the soul-embodied love you came here to be.

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Kimala Kai, B.A., is a Yoga and Tantra Teacher, Certified Addiction Counselor and 25-year Massage Therapist who is ordained in The Madonna Ministry, and is a lifetime dancer-turned-athlete, trail runner and avid hiker who says: "If my body is invited, I'm long as my feet get to stay on the ground!" Experiences through her healing practice may include: Massage, Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Core Wound Release and Tantra Techniques of Heart Intimacy. She can be reached by phone or email. Visit and


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