Thunderbird on top of Totem Pole in Thunderbird Park in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Thunderbird on top of Totem Pole in Thunderbird Park in Victoria, BC, Canada.

IF YOU DREAM OF Thunderbird, your destiny is contrary and backwards. You will be empowered to shift consciousness, and you can channel and heal with electromagnetic energy. You are trusted with dream interpretation. The magic you hold enables you to initiate changes on a cellular level; you produce your own illusions. Supernatural elements and forces are your own nature. Heyoka — the Trickster.

These are just some of the things you’ll find if you do an online search to learn the meaning of Thunderbird. These meanings are supported in my research by the Hopi and Lakota tribes and other indigenous tribal communities. There is a universal aspect to this bird in spirituality; the meanings vary, but very little.

When I dreamed of Thunderbird, I knew nothing about dreaming of it. I just knew that this was one big bird — and this was no ordinary bird and no ordinary dream. It was an adventure dream. It had a movie set quality and an “end of the world” feeling to it.

The scene was bleak and very brown. It was desert like. The big bird was in the middle of flat, dry area of dirt several blocks from where my sister Andrea and I were standing. We looked outward at the huge airplane of a bird. It was alive with energy, but it appeared very mechanical and had a skeleton-like shape about it. It was bare and naked. It was covered with scaffolding like that used by painters and window washers.

A sturdy ladder was clearly there for us to climb. The bird’s hollow eyes were calling me. This bird seemed to be resting, just waiting to come to life; it was sitting idle, like a plane sitting empty with no passengers. A birth-death quality was hiding in the structure of air. I somehow convinced my sister to walk with me. We got to the bird plane, and I started climbing up. My sister was hesitant, but eventually she followed me.

The only colors in this dream were shades of brown. I remember the contrast with my sister’s long brown-red hair. Once we got onboard, we felt the movement, just like a plane when it begins to take off. In this case, it felt like it was a one-way trip, a knowing that we’d never be returning. Funny, I experienced both being onboard and envisioning the structure from the ground, in two places at the same time — the upper world, and the grounded underworld, a root of support for the soul traveler while in flight. We seemed to be astral traveling on this rickety old junker. Its eyes lit up, and this skeleton was coming to life. I had the sense that this was the way of the future in the time of light.

I had this dream long ago, yet I still reflect upon it. My sister Andrea has since passed on, but she will always be a part of me — and this dream. All of us are entering into an exciting new time, as things are shifting and changing.

We are all awakening to a call; in my case, an old dream was tapping me on the shoulder to go back and research it and remember the power that had been with me all along. We all are divine and magical! Our guides are here and they are in our dreams. We have all walked through the dry dirt and climbed up on skeletons. We all have seen life in death, and death in life.

It was inspiring to return to this dream. I still see you, sister, with your long brown-red hair on the wings of the Thunderbird. You now are alive — so ride the Thunderbird. Hear the wings make thunder and see the lightning come shooting out of its hollow eyes. Sister, I bet you saw some color in this dream. Maybe that’s why I stood back and watched; it was not my time yet to fly like you did. I know you are in good hands on the wings of the one and only Thunderbird.

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Megan Bacigalupo has a degree in Human Services and works in the restaurant business in Minneapolis. She is a contributing writer for The Edge magazine. Megan is a survivor of a hemorrhagic stroke. Her survival story, “In the Cobwebs of my Mind,” was featured in Hope Magazine and shared by several of the leading Brain Aneurysm Foundations. Megan was featured in Reader’s Digest in April of 2021. Title: Poultry in Motion. She was also featured in Human Events in June of 2021, In a story about living in Minneapolis during difficult times!


  1. I loved reading this Megan !
    I felt the energy, i saw the visuals, the powerful message.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Knowing that your beautiful sister is always with you is such a blessing.

  2. I had a dream which was slightly different. In my dream the bird was very much lively and there was a huge storm , bigger than I have ever seen. It was night time and me and my mom and my sister were standing there . When I first saw it. The bird was huge and it was diving down from the clouds which were moving too fast. The bird dove right towards me and was about to grab me but someone pushed me down I don’t know , maybe my mom or sister. And the bird flew right past us. Before this dream I didn’t knew about any other bird mythical bird than Phoenix but after my dream I searched the net until I found the exact same bird of my dream. And it was called a thunderbird.
    Note: English is not my first language hence I am sorry if there are any mistakes.


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