Trust is the Secret Sauce

woman_walk-2I WAS ASKED, What is this path of virtues so many mystics speak of?

One’s actions are not created from the reaction of others;
One’s progress can be measured by the expression of one’s interior state of calm and peace
whereby the outward expression matches the inner and is sustained joyful,
regardless of circumstance.

I was asked, What is this path of virtues where destiny is a co-creation of one’s mind in tandem with one’s behavior?

The path is not made up of outward influences of people, possessions, or planets
but rather from one’s practice of infinite steps, glorious missteps, of learning
as a meditation of awareness — the knowledge of the consequences of mind and behavior as one and the same.
This path of virtues reveals clarity, discerning what is truth, what is folly.

Trust, as certain as the love that forever replaces all fear and doubt, is the destination, aka the balance point. Trust is the secret sauce.



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