Build Your Spiritual House


abstract_blue_formIF WE UNDERSTAND that the universe is composed of layers of vibrating energy, then the process of re-designing our body and planet at the blueprint level is conceivable. Life Force (Spirit) is constantly moving and transforming. Energy cannot remain stagnant and must follow the structure within the form that creates change.

Subsequently, we muse the quality and direction shaped in each moment. An edifice on course that is a life-altering commitment harvests a desire of determined discipline and produces a composition of new structure, individually designed.

Like building a house, the solid foundation is key. It’s not a new concept, remembering the parable of “The House Built on Sand.” Coming into the context of who we think we are, let’s look at identities alongside a perspective of neutrality, meaning not to compare others or ourself in any way or form.

When we have thoughts of superiority or inferiority, this is judging. Judging takes us away from our GODness. To be aware of the structure of ego (mind), we take command of thoughts. It’s also important to note that a solid foundation is not necessarily about self-confidence, but a solid neutral position where we can see ourselves with love and compassion. When we end judgment of self, in turn we do not judge others. Love is the organizational force of all matter. As we recognize Love, we know the essence of God Self. And with a foundation of Love and neutrality, we begin to emit energy for the building of a perfect geometric form: the Spiritual House.

While learning to define and determine our energetic content and vibration, this is where discipline comes in — taking time every day to connect, clear and protect. As we command our space, we are imprinting our authority as being one with God. Commanding our space is each and every one of our personal and individual responsibilities. No other being, on or off planet, can do this for us. The Natural Laws of God will never allow superimposition over another’s being — we have free will to choose.

When we defend our right to choose our own authority, we then are able to improve our energetic structure — living inside our physical form. In other words, the external influence of thoughts, words, deeds, television, jobs and so on (not to mention all the people in our lives — bosses, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children– and all of the frequencies they’re projecting) will not have as much influence over our mind, body and spirit.

So as we recognize and perfect the geometric form, vibration is harmonized — in our body and what pours into our life. With fortitude for the embodiment of the Christ frequency, we are the return of Christ! As we undergo our unique beautiful resonance, the cultivation of our individual relationship with God Source, our connection strengthens.

No one journey is the same. There is no value or judgment in how or when. Yet, it is a choice — one that sometimes is not so comfortable. Feeling is healing. Each day as we continue our daily practice of purity, we come to a point where we do find more peace and are not entrapped with drama and emotion. We gain emotional and spiritual maturity and we “walk the talk.” We then may desire to teach what has worked for us to our sphere of influence.

It is at this time we embrace Universal Law: to improve other types of structure operating in our life. As an open vessel, we design divine synchronization. We do this when we define a pure and clear mission and/or purpose of intention of structures outside of our self. The Law of Structure applies to all things that have form — businesses and communities and houses and skyscrapers.

Because we are all interconnected to each other and to Source, because we are connected to the planet, because we are the planet, our vibrations or energetic behavior moves and impacts everything, including a drop of water. Right? Thank Mr. Masaru Emoto for showing us that one!

So as we improve ourselves, influence and improve the structures we have in operation — in our lives — we will achieve beneficial results.


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