Energies of 2014: Energy of Fulfillment


abstract_geometryMY SENSE IS THAT the energies of this coming year are very different than 2013. There are many deep levels of sorting going on in consciousness right now — and that probably will continue, just because that’s what needs to happen. It’s about sorting out what can’t go forward, things like shame and feelings of “I’m not good enough.” Those things can go now. We don’t need to keep using them for growth and healing. Those are aspects of consciousness that can just dissolve away.

The feeling I have for 2014 is that it is about what it truly means to experience filling and fulfillment — and opening up greater access to that. The year 2013 was all about the shift. It was a very intense year for a lot of people, but 2014 feels different. It feels like it’s about:

  • Greater fulfillment on a personal level.
  • Learning about what true nourishment is from a personal experience, because we’re all specific.
  • Learning about real and true abundance. It includes money, but it has nothing to do with intention and trying to get what you want. It’s really about access to what is all present, meeting us where we are at in every moment.
  • Deepening our trust, our receptivity and access to that level of responsiveness to what we need, what we feel, to what’s opening up to be created.

So, 2014 feels like it is about learning deeper qualities of presence, deeper qualities of receptivity, deeper qualities of access and what that means in every moment, and deeper qualities of fulfillment.

I also like the word “synergy” for 2014. That’s been coming up. Synergistic relationships are starting to form with greater mutuality. By putting different things together, something new that you didn’t expect is created. This synergistic energy may not be so present at the beginning of the year, but it will evolve.

On a larger scale, be aware that we all are still sorting out our personal priorities in life, such as anything that grips us with fear and takes us out of who we are. Reality is dissolving and it’s losing energy — and people are fighting to maintain their control of it and amping up fear. Keep your attention away from that. What’s taking place is another level of prioritizing. People are saying, “That doesn’t really matter. This matters.” That is part of the sorting process.

I teach my clients and students to bring the third eye “back and down,” to quit focusing externally on others and on the future. Connect with your own inner experience — your own knowing — and sync up to this living conscious field that we’re all part of now.

An external focus directs our attention to, “Well, I have to make something happen out there.” If we’re synced up with our own core — with the field — it’s only about what you’re opening up to in the moment.

You can say “go with the flow,” but there’s a little more acknowledgment of what your experience is and staying really clear in the present with that so you can still open access, rather than trying to control.

Opening access is more powerful now in this new creation than trying to “make something happen.” It doesn’t mean you don’t choose. We make choices, and we follow through with what has energy and life. But it’s not a woeful, “I have to make this happen or control this.” That is dissolving, along with the fear. It’s much more present.

“What am I experiencing in this moment? What do I have energy for — life for — in this moment?” Where is the synergy? Have that sense of what’s coming in, and be able to sync up with it. What is mutual? All relationships in the new field are mutual, rather than equal. It’s about learning what mutuality is, as opposed to equality.

We’re on a learning curve.


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